Popcorn Kid is Making All The Right Moves With "Flamingo Dance"

Popcorn Kid, the persona of Nikhil Narayan, an Indian musician bred in Chennai, based in Bangalore, which came to life in October 2018, is back with an incredible new track, "Flamingo Dance" featuring Katherine HB and Noxigen. It's the follow-up to their highly acclaimed single, "Franklins In Stacks". Popcorn Kid is definitely bringing the 80’s and 90’s music trends back in vogue with their feel-good songs.  Noxigen says, "Flamingo Dance", from the concept album Paradise, is a very important song that sets up a lot of things that are realized in other tracks on the album. The protagonists essentially promise to ride their new wave of hope and success as thieves together, while planning to be more ambitious with their crimes." Noxigen continues, "Katherine HB is featured on this song and brings in a good variation between the softly sung verses and the big powerful choruses. It also has the guitar and saxophone trading solos, and the bassline is particularly catchy. In our opinion, it is one of the most danceable songs from the album."

The track was produced by Popcorn Kid and Noxigen.

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