Popscene Prominently Shares Their Hit Single, “Dare You To Love”

Alternative rock has a bold sound and that comes from the band Popscene. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, they formed in 2019 as they quickly gained popularity amongst the local live clubs.

Delving into the music industry as of 2020, they released their first single titled, 'Song for Jack Parsons.' The members of Popscene are influenced by psychedelic, jazz, and grunge music in terms of their sound, and as far as aesthetics go, they strive for what the 70s had to offer.

With the release of their latest single, "Dare You To Love," we're immediately encapsulated by the upbeat grooves that infectiously fill our souls. Smooth with the musical foundation before us, it isn't long until the feel-good vibrations amplify, and we're swept into a healthy dose of pop-flavored rock n roll. With every aspect of "Dare You To Love" making a colossal impact in our speakers and minds, it's easy for our imagination to flourish in the carved-out settings that Popscene has in place.

Comprised of Menis "Boy" Christopoulos (vocals), Nick "The Armenian" Poluzopoulos (guitar/vocals), Lia "Rich" Amprikidou (drums), Antonis "Tony" Dekaristos (bass), and Konstantina "Konna" Poimenidou (piano), the eclectic essence of a bolstered energy submerges us in the authentic hues of what music thrives on. As for the smoldering vocalization shedding timbres of abstract lyrical motifs, we get to appreciate the peaks and valleys monumentally as we take in the record's tale.

Considering how strikingly every instrument meshes together, the dynamism shared in Popscene is a brilliant expose of how the roots of music are still powering through the generations firmly. Indulging in the familiar hues of nostalgia, "Dare You To Love" is everything you need for your next playlist addition.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Popscene, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Dare You To Love." This track brings up an energetic high that we love when taking in the music. What story or moment inspired the creation of this song?

The story behind the song is actually a fairly common modern-day love story. The lyrics " strangers in the morning, lovers in the night" talk about an affair where the people involved are too afraid to admit their feelings to each other. All the song is saying, is dare to do it, dare to love, and generally dare to feel and be yourself.

With such a cemented sound that you all own so well, how long did it take for you to fall into this confidence in the music you make?

It didn't take that long actually. We all had lots of musical experience and it all blended up perfectly with the chemistry that we had with each other. We played the songs consistently for two years, trying to perfect every detail and that's basically how it came about.

What message would you like your audience to take away from "Dare You To Love?"

That they shouldn't be afraid to express themselves the way they want to. Feelings and new experiences are scary at first, but we all should dare to feel how we want to.

How have you found yourself growing as a band since your debut in 2020?

We've grown a lot since then. We changed our lineup a few months after the single and since then, all we're trying to do is play as much as possible with each other, write new music and try to understand each other, both as musicians and as friends too. Recording the album definitely helped us grow as individuals and strengthen our bonds as a group.

What's next for Popscene?

We wanna play our music live and communicate it to people as much as possible. On top of that, we also keep creating and trying to be better at what we strive to do.