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Popular Release “The Grit” By Skymf Is Like Nothing We’ve Listened To Before

Besserbitch, Fuck Frankie and Elvira Bira are the members of band Skymf that was formed in 2018 and they released their debut single “The Grit” in the spring of 2019. Skymf’s sound has been described as a fusion of punk, stoner and 90s grunge with melodic and heavy dynamic elements. It has also been said that they have resemblance of Hole, Queens of the Stone Age, The Distillers and Black Sabbath in their music.

What does the term “The Grit” mean to you? To me it means rough, tough and full of intensity – all things that in my opinion can be found in the beautifully titled track “The Grit”. The heavy mix of a driving guitar riff blended with the powerful drum lines and subtle string sections, this track is packed full of emotion that can be heard just simply by tuning into the melodies. On top of the gorgeous combination of sounds comes well written and flowing lyrics that are delivered by a stunningly breath-taking set of vocals that have a powerful belt as well as strong lower registers and in my opinion have remnants of vocalists from bands such as Heart and harmonies that complement the melodies so perfectly in a very subtle tone. “The Grit” is a fantastic blend of sounds to create a new genre that I cannot quite put a name to, but that blends the styles of rock, indie, symphonic tones and I’m sure many other types of music into one completely phenomenal track. I highly suggest that if you love listening to modern styles of music that have finesse added to them and a catchy beat then “The Grit” is the song for you!

Listen to "The Grit" here and get to know more about Skymf below!

Hey Skymf! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves and how you met?

Skymf is a swedish band with members from Besserbitch, Fuck Frankie and Elvira Bira. All bands mentioned have been pretty active in the local punk scene in Stockholm during the last 10 years or more, and that’s basically how we met originally - during gigs, co-operations and such. Sanna (guitar) and Mathilda (singer, guitarist) met up about a year ago and discussed the idea of creating a music project with influences from the stoner rock era back in the 90’s.They brought in the rest of the members Elin A. (guitar), Elin O. (bass) and Oriane (drums) and we started rehearsing and quickly found a sound and a clear common vision of what we wanted to represent and sound like.  

What made you all decide to form a band and start creating Music?

The idea of Skymf was to create something heavier and darker than what we’ve done before musically, still adressing the subjects most often found in punk music; like imbalances in our social structures, the burden of being a woman through times, the portraying of women as being victims or being a disgrace. The band name Skymf is a swedish word for insult or mockery which characterize the lyrical themes very well and keeps a connecting thread in our message.

Is there a deeper meaning behind “The Grit”?

The grit is about the fire and the grit within every woman’s heart, the purpose and the driving force within to never stop fighting for your rights and keep going strong although it is hard sometimes because of the many invisible structures that needs to be adressed in order to further encourage women and strive towards complete equality between genders.

How did you find your unique combination of sounds that can be found in “The Grit”?

Mathilda (singer, guitarist) is the writer and producer of the song and had a strong vision of what she wanted it to sound like. There is a lot of sounds going on, it's like a structured chaos-orchestra.There are lots of guitars, combined with cellos and violines. Melancholy and sadness, but also rage and hope.

What can we expect to see from Skymf in 2019?

You'll be hearing new songs and get the chance to see us live!


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