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Powerful Like "Goliath," Chaz Kiss Isn't Holding Back

When Indie Pop is mentioned, we hope that you're thinking of the powerful artistry of Chaz Kiss. "I bet you thought I was less than I am," sings the talented songstress on the tense, smoldering verse of her 2021 single, "Goliath."

Chaz Kiss is putting her best foot forward and has lately been playing and singing better than ever. Writing and arranging her songs with the fearlessness characteristic of significant stars, we can hear just how Chaz Kiss has shaken herself free of genres on her E.P titled, 'Dead Moths In My Sugar.'

Forging a genuinely unique sound that matches her restless soul: a sizzling fusion of alternative rock, theatrical emo, lounge jazz, and leftfield art-pop is what we're left with when taking in the virtuoso of this emerging starlet. "Goliath" has us swimming in the harmonious darkness that is introduced with utter charisma.

Her unapologetic demur has us chiming into the punchy and sharp piano melody, cruising right before we explode into a chorus of poetic chaos. As we allow our eyes to linger on the brightly decadent patterns of Chaz Kiss' eclectic fashion sense, we realize just how confident the cobalt-haired artist carries.

Amplifying each emotion as it coincides with the sonic rhythm of the song, each scene has us seeing a different version of the bold Chaz Kiss. As the music video's protagonist underestimates her strength as a lover, there also remains a message to listeners who may know the artist under her former name, Ameliarose.

Taking the same determination into her newfound journey in the music industry as Chaz Kiss, it's safe to say that the fortified precision she is establishing reflects the past artist within as much as it does the present. The Upstate New York rocker Chaz Kiss has found a new, more powerful gear that we're encouraging you to explore.

We love the eclectic and electrifying visuals that come with "Goliath." Could you please take us into the song's deeper meaning? What was it like filming the music video for it?

Filming the video was a blast! The video was directed by my family friends, Lorelei and Brian Edwards, which made the creation of the video even more fun, being surrounded by my closest friends! "GOLIATH" is about discovering inner strength after being repeatedly knocked down by someone. We really wanted to incorporate this meaning into the visuals by contrasting body language, colors, and angles!

Being known for the bold and colorful looks of your sport, you bring forth a sense of confidence and happiness! How do you allow this to affect you on your down days? Do you ever feel that Chaz Kiss embodies your traits apart from the artistry?

I've always been a very colorful person, I think. However, my day-to-day is spent mostly in sweatpants and sweatshirts (I love being comfy)! However, one of my favorite things about performing live is picking out an outfit to play in. The majority of my clothes are from charity shops, second-hand, or hand-me-downs from family and friends, which typically end up looking quite interesting! I love combining typically 'masculine' and 'feminine' items to introduce a contrast to my style. Another contrast I really love is combining vintage elements with hyper-modern ones.

What similarities and differences have you noticed from going by your old moniker to your new one?

"Chaz Kiss" is a bit easier to spell, haha! I got the moniker by taking my grandfather's first name, "Charles," but he went by "Chaz," and combining that with the second half of my grandmother's maiden name, "Kiss," hence, Chaz Kiss!

What would you like your audience to take away from your messaging in the music video and song for "Goliath?"

I hope people can realize that they can overcome almost anything if they want to. Obviously, situationally, some things are more difficult than others. But there is always a way to become a stronger individual, even on your own.

What's next for you?

I'm going on my first DIY tour this spring! I and my bandmates and team have worked tremendously hard to be able to book some shows across the country! I'm excited to play in Nashville, Atlanta, and even a festival in North Carolina with Everclear and Lit! More info on that is available on any of my social media, @ChazKiss. I'm also a live-streamer on Volume.Com/ChazKiss, and I perform virtually twice a week! As well as, in the past year, I've been working on my debut album scheduled to be ready late summer, called "Dead Moths in my Sugar!"


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