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Powerhouse Duo Retro Color Releases Inspiring Single “You’ll Be Okay”

Residing in Southern California, power duo and blood brothers Ethan Kregel (Vocals/Bass) and Jeremy Kregel (Drums) deliver spectacular new-wave pop/rock singles under the name Retro Color. They focus on self expression, high energy catchy riffs, and addictive lyricism. The brothers and band mates strive to spread love, acceptance and togetherness through their modern mainstream sound.

Retro Color’s single titled “You’ll Be Okay” was produced by Daniel Wonacott from the band Finch. The professionalism and production quality is evident through the powerful chords and inspiring lyrics blasting through my speakers. This light-hearted and influential SoCal anthem can bring the best out of any listener. Retro Color cares about how their listeners perceive the powerful message behind the lyrics. Love and acceptance is an important message to spread in the world today. “You’ll Be Okay” sends the message that it’s okay not to have everything figured out, everything works itself out in the end. We can’t let society’s pressure us into anxieties and unnecessary stressors or we’ll go mad. Equipped with big hearts and a big sound, Retro Color is a band to stay on the lookout for. I highly recommend you get motivated and check out “You’ll Be Okay”.

Listen to “You’ll Be Okay” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Retro Color!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ethan and Jeremy! How did you come up with your group name?

The name was named after our self-titled song “Retro Color”. The song is about not being afraid to be yourself. The name Retro Color stands for self expression, and that is the message that we want everyone to think about after hearing our music.

Who are some artists that influence your sound? Why do they inspire you?

Some artists that influence our sound are the artists that we listened to growing up. We love Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and 80s hair metal.

Do you both have similar tastes in music? How does this help or hinder your writing process?

As brothers, we grew up on the same music and share similar interests. This helps our music creation because we can agree on similar sounds/melodies.

Tell us more about “You’ll Be Okay”! What pushes you to write about meaningful topics like this?

This was one of the first tracks that we wrote with a producer. We had the opportunity to work with Daniel Wonacott and Alex Pappas from the Band Finch. This song means a lot to us because it holds a strong and simple meaning; “You’ll Be Okay” no matter what happens in life.

What’s next for Retro Color?

Pushing out new singles for our new fanbase that we established from tour; as well as the old diehard RC fans.


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