Practice Mindfulness With Paponeireau's, "Breathe"

Paponeireau is the moniker that violinist Shawn Fisher chose for his solo project when he moved to the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. The symphonic ambient-folk sound of Paponeireau invites listeners to feel and let go of everything that weighs heavy on the heart.

Much like Shawn Fisher’s main influence, Andrew Bird, he uses his violin and a looping pedal to improvise a variety of intricately textured songs and meditative soundscapes.

The luxurious soundscape of his most recent ballad, “Breathe,” instills a sense of stillness as the musical elements surround you in a warming blanket of divine essence. Through prevailing keys, delicate sounds of nature, and the empowering string performance, the manner in which these components flood into your speakers has you immersed in the quintessential mindfulness that poignantly hails from Paponeireau.

Once the opulent timbres courtesy of Shawn Fisher and Holly Schweitzer come sweeping through as they cascade with the fortified musical foundation, we hone in on the genuine attributes that are being performed before us. Each vocal layer is impeccably placed in order to etch the reminder to breathe in our minds, and the depth conveyed has us intricately feeling the movements of breath enter and exit our body. James Stephen takes engineering to a newfound dimension as the plentiful spirit of the live and well-balanced mix infiltrates the various angles of our headspace.

“Breathe,” utilizes a brilliant array of timing and spatial cues as we get to soak in the moments without angelic croons. This allows the triumphant impact of their arrival to maintain a significant place in the song and in our mindset as we feast on the eloquent ease poured over us. Paponeireau is redefining the purpose of music and for that, we’ve become instant fans.