PRADA-G Releases His Self-Reflective single, "Nocturnal"

Based in Southern California, PRADA-G exemplifies anti-establishment and/or rule books that barrier creative freedom. You can always count on him to create as freely as his soul desires, maximizing his charismatic, infectious voice that resonates throughout each song blending various influences.

PRADA-G has officially released his sophomore album “Nocturnal,” as a succession to the previously released single ‘Nights Like These.’ As we fixate ourselves on the title track that captures our attention in mere moments, we become infatuated with the dynamism that is poured into an intricately crafted body of work showcased by the emerging Hip-hop artist.

Placing his artistic techniques over a dark canvas that is centered on major guitar chords in repetition, the audio clip that is placed as the introductory piece of this track has us immersed in the mission of PRADA-G on a deeper level. Delving into an outline of society being blind and manipulated by the bells and whistles surrounding us, what PRADA-G offers us is much grander in the realm of his craft. His clear and present vocals contain a texture that often dips into extreme distortion to signify the essence of the words he is articulating.

Through the layers that collide in a mesmerizing manner, PRADA-G’s lyrical dexterity embodies storytelling, all while sprawling a knack for structuring witty wording together. We hear the various genres that speak into his art that goes above and beyond the new wave style of Hip-hop. While embodying an array of inspiration, PRADA-G continues to cement a lane for himself that speaks about his persona on an elevated scale.

Congratulations on the release of “Nocturnal.” The title track does an excellent job at summing up who you are in the grander scheme of your artistry! Could you please take us into the main inspiration behind the single “Nocturn