Prada Gino Delivers the Vibes With His New EP “Catch a Vibe”

Prada Gino is ready to set the mood right with his new EP titled “Catch A Vibe”. “Catch A Vibe” begins with an opening song that correlates with the EP’s name. “Catch A Vibe”, is a tropical song that served as the perfect introduction to the EP to get us anticipated for what’s next. “Catch A Vibe” was pleasant and filled with every vibrant aesthetic that we thoroughly enjoyed. It radiated positive energy onto the listener due to its seasoned elements and pop-infused production. the opening song of an EP is important because it’s the first impression for the listener! Prada Gino sets the bar high off the rip, keeping us excited for what’s next to come. The next song that transitioned on the EP was the trap banger “Nu Moves”. “Nu Moves” is catchy and delivered with fire. The beat was banging with excited punchlines and charisma throughout the entire arrangement. “Nu Moves” is the kind of song that I hear the clubs blasting on high volume due to its party-like aesthetic. It will serve as the perfect turn-up anthem! It’s like Prada Gino has a way of making every song sound better than the previous because he most certainly saved the best for last!

The closing song on this "Catch A Vibe" is “Halo.” This track is aggressive, electrifying, and highly explosive. The delivery, the wordplay, Prada Gino’s usage of technicality throughout both his lyrical arrangement and production of “Halo” was completely and undeniably immaculate. “Halo” proved to us that Prada Gino is more than just an artist who’s good at orchestrating songs, but he’s a rapper who knows how to spit. Prada Gino showcases that he still has the raw projection and real bars to go head to head with the best! “Halo” can easily become digestible for the new wave of hip hop, but remain authentic enough to appeal to fans who appreciate technicality with rap.

“Catch A Vibe” is the perfect EP that showed us why Prada Gino has everything it takes to be the next generation of hip hop. He shows diversity through different arrangements ranging from pop, trap, and rap. Although the EP consists of 3 songs, it’s packed with a powerful tracklist of multi-faceted hits that will leave you wanting more!

Listen to “Catch A Vibe” EP by Prada Gino here!