Prada Gino Delivers the Vibes With His New EP “Catch a Vibe”

Prada Gino is ready to set the mood right with his new EP titled “Catch A Vibe”. “Catch A Vibe” begins with an opening song that correlates with the EP’s name. “Catch A Vibe”, is a tropical song that served as the perfect introduction to the EP to get us anticipated for what’s next. “Catch A Vibe” was pleasant and filled with every vibrant aesthetic that we thoroughly enjoyed. It radiated positive energy onto the listener due to its seasoned elements and pop-infused production. the opening song of an EP is important because it’s the first impression for the listener! Prada Gino sets the bar high off the rip, keeping us excited for what’s next to come. The next song that transitioned on the EP was the trap banger “Nu Moves”. “Nu Moves” is catchy and delivered with fire. The beat was banging with excited punchlines and charisma throughout the entire arrangement. “Nu Moves” is the kind of song that I hear the clubs blasting on high volume due to its party-like aesthetic. It will serve as the perfect turn-up anthem! It’s like Prada Gino has a way of making every song sound better than the previous because he most certainly saved the best for last!

The closing song on this "Catch A Vibe" is “Halo.” This track is aggressive, electrifying, and highly explosive. The delivery, the wordplay, Prada Gino’s usage of technicality throughout both his lyrical arrangement and production of “Halo” was completely and undeniably immaculate. “Halo” proved to us that Prada Gino is more than just an artist who’s good at orchestrating songs, but he’s a rapper who knows how to spit. Prada Gino showcases that he still has the raw projection and real bars to go head to head with the best! “Halo” can easily become digestible for the new wave of hip hop, but remain authentic enough to appeal to fans who appreciate technicality with rap.

“Catch A Vibe” is the perfect EP that showed us why Prada Gino has everything it takes to be the next generation of hip hop. He shows diversity through different arrangements ranging from pop, trap, and rap. Although the EP consists of 3 songs, it’s packed with a powerful tracklist of multi-faceted hits that will leave you wanting more!

Listen to “Catch A Vibe” EP by Prada Gino here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Prada Gino! Tell us about your upbringing and background! How was it living in Chicago?

I had an amazing upbringing. I grew up on the west side of Chicago with my 3 other siblings. I never felt like there was a dull moment in our lives. Always someone to get into trouble with. My parents were both DJs at some of the hottest club spots in Chicago so my musical influence came at a young age. I always wanted to be in entertainment and had the chance to try out gymnastics, acting, dancing, and singing. I spent my high school years in track and switched over to Musical Theatre in college. I attended Columbia College Chicago and was able to really start focusing on music and art. I worked on sketch comedy shows at Second City Chicago as well as performed my music in clubs and showcases around the city. I later moved to Los Angeles to really pursue my career in entertainment.

Talk to us about your EP “Catch A Vibe”. What was the theme you had for this project?

Catch A Vibe is a family-friendly dance compilation and sing along. My idea behind the project was to focus on uplifting others and embracing our differences which makes us stronger together. I really wanted to take a step back from the current state of hip hop and instill some values and love back in the music. I have been working with a few companies now on placements and realized that the industry doesn't have very many positive hip hop influencers anymore so the lane for me was OBVIOUS.

How would you describe your songwriting approach towards most of the songs in “Catch A Vibe”? 

I wanted this project to have music that every walk of life can be inspired from. The 3 tracks in the EP express 3 different key concerns in music today. "Catch A Vibe" is for the ones who are looking to get motivated and inspired to be themselves. "Halo" is a political track that inspires people to rise up, take action and fight for what they believe in. Helping people understand that we ALONE have the power to make a change in our political system. and finally, "Nu Moves" is a trap-style hip hop club track that matches the current state of hip hop and is all around a party anthem! The rest of the album will reflect more of this theme as we work on nursery rhymes, Caribbean music, and philosophical inspiration to complete this album later this year.

What was the most challenging aspect for you when creating “Catch A Vibe”?

I would have to say that the most challenging part about making an album like this, is that it goes against the norm in music today. We don't hear much positive uplifting music in the hip hop community anymore. We seem to be moving in the direction of drug culture, and the labels are not helping us change that narrative by continually buying into that market. I am completely self-funded and will continue to build my empire to give those artists a chance who make music with substance and meaning behind the lyrics. I am trying my hardest to not conform to the industry standard because, I know in the long run, I will have a bigger voice in the industry doing it this way.

What are you looking forward to most this year Prada Gino?

I am looking forward to creating a platform that reflects my values as a person. I will have my own label and publishing company by the release of my album. I plan to tour and break streaming records for my latest project. I plan on accomplishing some Humanitarian goals as well as inspire those to follow their dreams until they achieve success for themselves. I plan to create a household name for myself this year though my new EP and Album. My vision is much bigger than music, and I hope to inspire change in the world and I have just the tool to help get me there.