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Premiere: Don't Get It Twisted, Ksenia Is The "Girl From The Forest"

Hailing from Nakhodka, Russia, singer-songwriter and rapper Ksenia pokes fun at her upbringing with a comical and hilarious new music video entitled "Girl From The Forest."

Coming from Russia's chilly West Coast, Ksenia is a born storyteller with friendly delivery and incredible comedic timing. Her easygoing charisma and natural beauty make her an artist hard to resist. Always light on her feet while riding the beat, Ksenia's distinctive and unforgettable voice will definitely go down as one of your favorites.

Giving us a good belly laugh with her conceptual music video, "Girl From The Forest," Ksenia, a bear, and her first cousin are seen living it up in the lush forests of Nakhodka. As they transport into a booming nightclub scene, viewers are able to witness a more luxurious and alluring side to Ksenia as she slips on her disco-inspired dress and grooves the night away.

Expanding on the music video for "Girl From The Forest," the scene opens with Ksenia dressed in a lush and green Eve-style getup. As she begins to hunt down her next meal, the video cuts to scenes of Ksenia, her first cousin, and a bear grooving to the song's pop/hip-hop beat. We must also mention Ksenia's comedic approach to her lyrical content, as she pokes fun at her homeland with lyrics like "This is this chorus, where I'm from we got a lot of dudes named Boris."

As the video transports the three of them into a bright nightclub, viewers can catch the bear having a time on the pole, Ksenia turning heads with her fabulous looks, and at the end, Ksenia's first cousin who confesses his love for her (whose name just so happens to be Boris).

Get to know Ksenia's unique and humorous stylings with her recent music video, "Girl From The Forest," now available on YouTube.



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