Premiere: Hunter Ambrose Is Explosive In New Single “Right Now”

Hunter Ambrose is a talented singer/songwriter residing in Manhattan’s iconic lower east side music scene. Influenced by artists such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, David Bowie, Prince, and The Weeknd, she strives to create an immersive, well-rounded pop sound and image that are equal parts provocative as they are compelling. After attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Hunter began writing material for her debut upcoming EP, “Scorpio Season”, by early 2017. Currently, she is splitting her time across the country, recording and promoting material for “Scorpio Season” and its lead single, “Right Now”. She is also currently writing and recording features for several EDM and pop artists based out of Brooklyn, NY and Las Vegas, NV. Her single, “Right Now”, is available worldwide on all streaming services.

“Right Now” is a release that builds up and explores its concept in an increasingly artistic way. At first, the pace is mellow, the vocals gentle and intentional, and it offers a level of calm. A moment of stillness, followed by a bright and purposeful awakening. As things build, as the audio layers intertwine and unite, the energy rises, sweeping the listener away on the emotion of the moment. “Right Now” details a thrilling, passionate, and tumultuous story surrounding Hunter’s personal life at a time of intense self-discovery. The beat builds into an electrifying EDM/Pop blend, showcasing a notable rise in passion and intensity. The whole thing makes for an artistically brilliant and well-thought-out production. A strong and impressive introduction to Hunter Ambrose as a well-rounded artist, we can’t wait to hear more in her debut EP “Scorpio Season”! Stay tuned!

Check out “Right Now” here and read more below for our interview with Hunter Ambrose!

Hey Hunter! What can you tell us about your new single? What does “Right Now” mean to you?

The release of this song is incredibly important to me. This is the first song I am releasing as the artist behind the work. Previously, working as a songwriter, I had a much more behind-the-scenes role on the music I had worked on, so this is a monumental moment for me in my life! I wrote this song over two and a half years ago and I always believed in it. The song itself was written about a man who I had fallen in love with, but who I was also afraid to admit my feelings to. It’s about the complications of hookup culture, self-doubt, lust, fear, and meeting someone that you just instantly feel chemistry with and can’t explain why.

How did you approach this single? Music first, lyrics first? Do you produce your tracks?

Every song is different, but with this particular one, I had saved a core melody from a song I had tried to write 3 years prior which serves as the main hook to Right Now. But, I would say I wrote the lyrics first. The final draft of the lyrics was done within an hour and afterward, I went to the piano and came up with chord progression that I felt suited the melody I knew I was going to use. I can usually come up with basic melodies without the help of any instrumentation. In terms of production, I collaborated with Kaymo (aka Jason Strong) who I attended Berklee College of Music with. He handled the production for my entire EP and did an outstanding job.

What do you hope people take away from “Right Now”?

When I sat down to write this song, I wanted to create something that sounded like a hit that people could dance to but with some substance and lyrics that told a compelling story. This song came out of a very emotional place for me and I truly hope that shines through my lyric writing. We wanted to create a sonic landscape that was bold and instilled strong imagery for listeners and that combined all of my major influences - Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, etc. I truly believe that my producer and I accomplished that.

How did you first get started in the music industry? What was the first thing you learned to play, and the first song you ever wrote?

I began my professional career as a songwriter upon meeting Grammy-award winning producer Narada Michael Walden (producer of Whitney Houston’s early catalog and the Bodyguard soundtrack) He was going to produce what was intended to be my debut album in 2013. Instead, I signed on to provide songwriting for one of his albums and thus began my career as a songwriter. From there, I have steadily collaborated with independent artists all over the country. The first instrument I learned to play was the piano when I was 6 years old. The first song I ever wrote was probably when I was about 16 years old while I was attending a summer music program in Boston.

What can your fans expect from your upcoming EP “Scorpio Season”?

My fans can expect a bold compilation of pop, R&B and electronic music that doesn’t shy away from raw emotion and passion. The EP deals with themes of self-transformation, sex, love, fear, anxiety, sadness, and forgiveness. The whole idea of the title of Scorpio Season came from the idea that Scorpios are thought of to be the zodiac sign that represents passion, sexuality, the polarity of life and death, power, evolution, intuition and deep emotions. Those concepts are all found in the songwriting that I created for this project. I truly hope my fans enjoy it and take away something meaningful out of these songs that tell a story of a very intense time in my life that I reflect on through this EP.

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