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Premiere: Jack Hawitt’s Dreamy Music Video for His Single “Higher Love (Acoustic)”

Hailing from London, UK, Songwriter/Producer Jack Hawitt releases his calming music video for the acoustic version of his single “Higher Love (Acoustic)”.

With incredible industry experience through millions of Spotify streams, releasing singles through DJ’s record labels, and reaching international charts, Jack Hawitt's journey isn’t even close to completion.

With the release of his peaceful music video for his single “Higher Love (Acoustic)”, not only are we met with the most heartfelt performance by Jack, but tranquil instrumentals and a video that’s a sight for sore eyes. While the sun shines down on Jack in an open field, it’s clear that he’s most definitely in his element here.

The music video for “Higher Love (Acoustic)” opens with sweet guitar plucking that pulses and acts as the main beat. As the setting sun beats down on Jack Hawitt in an empty field, the rays of light meet the camera and create multiple glares, almost giving the video that daydreams effect.

While the sun is setting beneath the horizon, Jack Hawitt begins vocalizing a heartfelt performance with passion, and serenades us while being surrounded by the natural wonders of mother nature. The simple yet mesmerizing shots perfectly reflect Jack's message of love, seeing as love is something we experience every day but can be easily taken for granted… just like nature.

A beautifully shot music video for a passionate single, Jack Hawitt’s video for “Higher Love (Acoustic)” reminds us of the simple pleasures in life that we must acknowledge every day.

Stream "Higher Love (Acoustic) here.

Hey Jack Hawitt, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re in awe of your recent music video for your single “Higher Love (Acoustic)”. What inspired you to shoot the video all in one evening and location?

Hey Buzz Music and Thank You! There’s a hill just around the corner from my flat in South East London and it overlooks Central London and Canary Wharf. The Sunset is amazing there and I knew I wanted to make a ‘one-shot’ music video with some sun flare. I had one smoke grenade left from the music video for the original version of Higher Love so I only had one chance to get it.

The lyrics Jack Hawitt sings within “Higher Love (Acoustic)” are truly beautiful. How did you shoot the music video to reflect your message of finding true love?

I wanted the music video for the acoustic version to feel almost like a live version which was why I did it in one take and I hope I got the emotion across!

Each angle and shot within your music video for “Higher Love (Acoustic)” is incredibly captivating. Who helped you with the creation of the music video, and what was your shooting process like?

My boyfriend Stian and my flatmate Fraser helped me shoot the music video. I used my drone camera and my iPhone. I hovered the drone in one place facing the sun to get that sun flare, Stian used my iPhone for the side shots and Fraser ran behind the drone with a smoke bomb to get the haze in the background which makes the sunset look even better! It really was a DIY job but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

We’ve heard that Jack Hawitt has seen many fortunate industry opportunities and climbed your way up the ladder. How have your experiences helped you grow as an artist, and which experience had the most impact?

There have been a few moments that have felt really good during my career. One of them was having my cover of Ariana’s ‘Into You’ played during a big moment on Love Island. Reaching such a big audience and receiving the reaction it had was really great! My favorite moment would be the first headline show that I did at the end of 2019. Playing my songs with a band to over 200 people and organizing/rehearsing for it was awesome. Alongside releasing my own music I also write for other artists and work with a lot of producers. My biggest release so far is ‘Crying in the car’ by Megan Thee Stallion which was produced by Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo. Having those names on my credit list definitely helps as a songwriter! 

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’ve been throwing the idea of an EP around for a while and it’s something that I think will happen soon. I really like releasing singles but I have ideas for small interludes and intro/outro’s which would really suit being on an EP so watch this space!


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