Premiere: Josh Tavares Gets Introspective With New Single “I Don't Know What I Want”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Josh Tavares is back again with his third single this year! With previous releases like his debut “Family Man” and  “West Coast”, the budding indie/dream-pop artist is the perfect example of what the Canadian city has to offer in terms of talent. Quickly building an impressive repertoire, Josh Tavares shows no signs of slowing down. “I Don't Know What I Want” comes as the second single from an album coming later this year. Stay tuned!

“I Don't Know What I Want” is a dark indie-pop track and a melancholic ballad that will take your mind on a journey. The sonic soundscapes provide a mind-bending experience for the listeners, allowing them to escape into Josh’s eclectic world. “I Don't Know What I Want” focuses on the confusing and frustrating feelings we all experience after a breakup. Hypnotizing and finely-tuned, “I Don't Know What I Want” includes elements that make the listener feel emotions of heartbreak and disparity. The mesmerizing synths and emotive lyricism fuse together into sounds that are authentic to Josh Tavares’ style. His captivating vocal tone and range keep the listener enticed while his experimental musical elements draw you further to a melancholic conclusion. We can’t wait to hear more!

Listen to "I Don't Know What I Want" here