Premiere: Kemdilo Gold Drops Ground-Breaking New Single “Cinderella”

Haitian-born, Toronto-based recording artist and songwriter Kemdilo Gold has released a new single titled “Cinderella”. Ever since being smuggled into America he has been working with his older brother 10Digits’ independent label Sound of Digits. Now based in Toronto, Kemdilo Gold ('Genius Outlook Locating Dimensions') is as motivated as he is talented, and looking to better himself with each day he is blessed with. Overall, he's worked vigorously to create a sound unique to his experiences and purpose.

“Cinderella” is an eclectic new track from Kemdilo Gold and 10Digits. On top of what is a gorgeously colorful and partly organic soundscape, Kemdilo Gold offers up an uplifting melody line that’s surprisingly refreshing and addictive all at once. In addition to the likable groove of the music, the song’s concept offers a fine balance between personal truth and a generally accessible level connection. Kemdilo Gold seems genuinely lost in the moment throughout the recording, he carries the bar well and makes certain to hold your affection without screaming out for views or throwing in anything irrelevant just to add volume. Kemdilo Gold is an impressive artist with a natural connection to the genre and to performance on the whole. We can’t wait to hear more! 

Check out “Cinderella” here and read more with Kemdilo Gold below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kemdilo Gold ! “Cinderella”  was catchy, it was relatable, and it was seriously hyped up. What kind of energy did you want to pour into your listeners with this particular track?

I wanted to give them that raw, uncut filter of what a real ride or die female should be like. I really wanted to bring some empowerment towards both women and men because nowadays everyone wants to be a player, but also keep that club energy so you can bump it without feeling like it's a lesson. How long did the entire songwriting/recording process take for “Cinderella”? What're you more comfortable with, the writing process, or the recording process?

This one took a little longer than most to make sure the message was well-said. Entirely, it took a few days to generate the perfect words that match the flow. Usually, it takes me one free-styling session, but we wanted a different approach. We had some catchy ideas we had to take out. It was really a masterpiece in itself. What kind of steps do you take to make sure you're being as honest as you can within your music, and ultimately to your listeners?

The creative writing process can have my imagination taking on different characters, but I always make sure I’m as honest and relatable as possible. Most rappers or males want to be seen tough but all of them know some kind of Cinderella, so I think they will take this one to heart and feel like they can have that RnB love but on a trap beat. With your new single out now, do you have a longer project on the way!? We can’t wait to hear more.

I always want my listeners to feel proud of supporting me. It’s like being an athlete but with music. So over the holidays, I’ll only be searching for the future because it's important to change with the game. I have many projects on the way - more singles and an album soon to follow. I'm happy to hear and see the appreciation!

It was amazing being able to showcase “Cinderella” here to our BuzzMusic readers! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic community?

In “LIFE”, you have to “GET BUSY” and cherish your “CINDERELLA” - only if it happens “AUTOMATIC”. P.S. Fly like a butterfly, sting like BuzzMusic!