PREMIERE: Lyra Star Pulls Us “Under the Water” With Her Intensifying New Music Video

The magical singer/songwriter Lyra Star is back on BuzzMusic, this time sharing a different art form with her latest music video “Under the Water”.

Always sprinkling her music with a celestial and ethereal vibe, Lyra Star’s recent music video “Under the Water” shines a light on her other form of self-expression, being a contortionist and movement artist. Wanting to highlight duality and merge these two elements together, Lyra Star brings us into the depths of the ocean and allows us to sink in her vocals and flawless motions.

Directed by Tonya Kay, each scene was crafted with such precision that effortlessly enhances Lyra Star’s creative soul.

Opening with a simple shot of rain, “Under the Water” gets deeper and deeper with each note. While Lyra Star’s mermaid-like self appears under the rain and gracefully basks in it, her vocals come through with what sounds similar to the call of a mermaid through haunting vocals and soft echos. The video sways back and forth from shots of Lyra Star glammed up in a room of pure gold and disco balls, to scenes of her in the rain expressing surreal fluid motions through her contortionist side. She sings lyrics with incredible mermaid analogies and how she’s buried her dreams “Under the Water” and under the sea. A mesmerizing music video and definitely one that catches the eye, Lyra Star’s “Under the Water” has us diving deep.