PREMIERE: Pop Vibes Dominate on Spenny Nichs., New Release "Don't Make Me Wait"

Sensual beats and groovy melodies lead you into Spenny Nichs., new single "Don't Make Me Wait."

Spenny Nichs. is a Canadian singer raised in the picturesque cottage country of Ontario, Canada. Immersing himself in music theory at Berklee College of Music, Spenny has directed his energy in creating pop centered music with influences of dance, soul, and R&B to create his signature sound.

"Don't Make Me Wait" scratches and we are introduced to Spenny's impressive, retro-inspired tenor vocal stylings. This song is a sultry expose of the unmanageable desire to be together as one. It's stacked with a heavy pulsating beat, synth-driven keys, and funk-inspired guitar that plucks along with the melody.

Spenny's vocals are front and center on "Don't Make Me Wait,"  as he serenades the listener with lush vocals delivering swoon-worthy verses like "The chance of you got me excited," "It's been so long since I've seen beauty like that," and "You're making me blush, let's rush into things."

The story is a "live in the moment" experience for the listener, only concerning oneself about the here and now, unhampered with future reverberations.

"Don't Make Me Wait"  will have your speakers burning up from the hotness this track exudes.

Check it out here.

Hello Spenny Nichs., and welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest hit "Don't Make Me Wait" is a stunning display of a vibing pop hit. Can you tell the listener a more about the meaning behind this track? This song is basically about being into someone even though you know its not good for you.  They have you completely and you don't really know why, but no matter how they treat you, or how much they play with your emotions - you always give in.  You're just so caught up in the idea of being with them and how attractive they are. It's kind of a reflection on how powerful lust be.

Infusing different elements from various genres appears to be one of your formidable strengths. How are you able to piece together such a cohesive blend of sounds? Thank you haha! Honestly, I've just grown up listening to such a variety of different music and I'm just influenced by so many different styles of music and artists. It kind of happens unconsciously, but it's taken me a long time to find my sound, and feel like I have a direction of where I want to go. 

What did your time at Berklee College of Music lend to your music? Berklee was amazing. I only went there for a year, but because I'm originally from a small town in Northern Canada, I think it really just broadened my knowledge and introduced me to many musicians from all over the world. All the music I put out now I do with my friends from Berklee, so it really gave me all the connections I have and I don't think I'd be doing what I'm doing now without them.

What type of message and feeling do you want your music to represent?

I think positivity. When people listen to my music I always want them to feel good, or have fun - along with having it be relatable to everyone.

What are you doing to focus on your music and stay productive through these tough times?

Well to be honest I am finding it hard to be motivated sometimes because this pandemic is crazy ahaha! But all in all, just trying to get a good routine going and try and write every day.  But normally for me, once I get excited about a song or a project, I get hooked in and work on it so it's been going well and I've been writing quite a lot.