Prepare for a Cozy Experience with Fuller French in "I'll Leave a Key by the Door"

Fuller French curates music that is enriching and full. His most recent music has a more mature sounding to it, with soft and slow pop elements. As an artist, Fuller French expresses his personal thoughts and emotions into his music, and it makes for a great storytelling experience. Fuller French communicates thoroughly with his listeners throughout his music, which definitely creates that atmosphere that is resolute. His most recent release, "I'll Leave a Key by the Door" will have you left feeling reflective and vulnerable.

You'll easily receive a warming experience with the soundings of Fuller French is his latest single "I'll Leave a Key by The Door". His vocal dynamics are soft and genuine, making for a welcoming atmosphere. The subtle incorporation of the violin into "I'll Leave a Key by The Door" brings in a complementary contrasting melody. It's a more formal execution in terms of the lyrical and vocal elements, and Fuller French can successfully rock the traditional sounding. "I'll Leave a Key by The Door" will have your heart feeling warm and fuzzy. Fuller French has a warm sparkle to him and the way he executes himself and his sound within the music video for this recent track. As an artist, Fuller French makes for an intimate experience within the time you're listening to him in "I'll Leave a Key by The Door", and it's most definitely an experience that won't be forgotten!

Listen to "I'll Leave a Key by The Door" by Fuller French below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Fuller French! Thanks for taking the time to talk about your recent music. How have you felt since the release of your latest single "I'll Leave a Key by the Door"?

Thank you so much, and I’m really happy to speak to you.  “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door” is the second song released from my ‘Champagne Rendezvous’ album and it’s very exciting for me that both singles broke the Top 40.  It’s a different song in that it’s slow and mellow but lyrically packs an elusive punch.  It’s an alluring invitation wrapped in sweet delivery but the meaning is evident.

How were you able to successfully embed your emotions into "I'll Leave a Key by the Door"? Does this process of sharing your personal thoughts and feelings come naturally to you, or is it uncomfortable at first to be so exposed to your listeners?

I never fully share my personal feelings as I feel that there should always be an element of mystery. But, with every song that I write I like to incorporate some personal experience, or at least some Fuller French personality.  This song definitely falls into the latter category as it’s not based on any real event but exudes the sly smile that I might have should this situation ever present itself.  It’s a playful song and romantic through and through.

What would you say was the big takeaway from "I'll Leave a Key by the Door" that you wanted to communicate to your listeners?

The main takeaway is that romance never dies.  It might go on hiatus for a little while but it can be rekindled at a moment’s notice.  

When are you planning on performing next?! Can you describe what it's like performing your music to a live audience, and how it compares to the recording process for you?

There are some performances in the works, maybe in the next few months.  I’m working on exactly what performance will look like as I have so many styles and types of music.  There’s Smooth Jazz, Adult-Contemporary, pop, orchestral and even a new version of “Champagne Rendezvous” coming out in a Mike Smith EDM remix!  Whenever the performances commence, fans can certainly expect an extraordinary experience.

Thanks again for coming to BuzzMusic to talk about your latest single! What goals are you trying to reach next after this single release?

My goal is to continue creating a variety of different kinds of music all exploring the themes of romance and mystery.  I love the idea of creating things of beauty that might have meaning or provide inspiration or joy to people.  And, with the release of the new EDM remix of "Champagne Rendezvous", an entirely new audience will be exposed to the Fuller French experience!