Soulful Pop Artist Robin Gabrielle Is Adding More Music to Her Tracklist

Studying at Berklee College of Music, Robin Gabrielle has a multitude of theoretical experience to apply to her sound. With recent releases showcasing varying styles of the artists' approach, Robin Gabrielle is trying to make new waves with her new and improved projects. Her plans are big, and her voice is even bigger. An illustrious and vivid track from Robin Gabrielle titled "Providence Serenade" has been freshly released, and has piqued our interest in her artistry.

"Providence Serenade" really makes potent use of exploratory synths to create an ultimate atmospheric environment. The introduction houses these characterizable synths, which is kept constant all throughout "Providence Serenade". Robin Gabrielle eventually integrates her vocalism, which ranges during the duration of the song. This range is seen with her ability to maintain both deep and high-pitched soundings dependent on what the mood of the track requires at that moment.

Robin Gabrielle sings "Let's dance the night away, let me feel just like a kid..." entertaining a fun and light ambiance for listeners.

"Providence Serenade" is exactly that though--light, airy, fun. Her music doesn't contain a heavy intrinsic vibe, which allows us to know we're always getting a lively persona from Robin. It's easily notable that we'll resonate with any soundings from Robin Gabrielle because her energy is so transferable to us as listeners.

Check out "Providence Serenade" here.

Welcome, Robin Gabrielle! How do you feel now that you're out of school, and applying your skillset to your own personal music?

Well, this is something I've always wanted to do and is something I've been preparing myself for quite a while now,  it feels very exciting and a little scary at the same time. But the excitement outweighs all of the apprehensiveness! I can't wait for people to hear the music and get to know who I am as an artist and a person. I feel like Berklee has really prepared me for the journey ahead.

Congratulations on debuting "Providence Serenade"! What was the predominant message you wanted to communicate to your listeners within this particular track of yours?

Thank you so much! When I wrote this song, believe it or not, it was for a homework assignment. Haha But as I began writing this song I wanted this song to bring back memories of their hometowns and that no matter where you go and who you're with the place where your journey begins will always stay with you.

We've heard about your current project "Something Different". As the name suggests, can listeners expect a contrasting sound for this particular work of yours? When are you planning to release this project to your listening base?

Oh, yeah! This project is going to be incorporating sounds and styles that a lot of people won't expect hip hop/RnB music to have. I can't reveal too much but I think people are going to be amazed and intrigued by the different layers of sound.

As a singer/songwriter who has always had a strong interest in the music world at a young age, how do you feel you've cultivated your sound ever since you first debuted yourself as an artist?

I think like everyone who first starts out doing anything whether it be from painting to public speaking, begins to perfect their craft based on what their audience tends to gravitate to the most. As for myself, I've begun to notice certain things that my listeners gravitate to more, and I've begun to apply it to my future releases. But I think the biggest thing that I've done is to become more comfortable with myself and my artistry.-Which I've noticed is what my listeners gravitate towards the most.

We appreciate the time you gave us to talk over your recent work, Robin Gabrielle! Where are you planning on taking your sound next with 2020?

No prob! Totally appreciate the opportunity to showcase what I've been working on. Right now I'm planning on taking my sound through the big band decade and begin to take it to the stage at some point. But after this first project is finished I want to begin to incorporate sounds from the indigenous people from all over the world and incorporate that with the Hip Hop and R&B genre.