Prepare for Battle With Prynce P’s New Single, “Inferno”

Cover Art: Brendan Morris

Dallas' very own hip-hop recording artist, songwriter, and rapper Prynce P teams up with Wolfie Moncler and Teleoso for their empowering new single, "Inferno."

Prynce P first made waves on the scene with his single, "The Triple D Cypher," featuring 14 of Dallas's hottest rappers. After one of his music videos won an award at the NatiVisions Film Festival in Arizona, Prynce P kept the momentum rolling with Los Angeles radio stations picking up his tunes and venturing into playful and comical releases like "Rudolf - The Triple D Remix."

Thousands of streams later, Prynce P delivers his latest single, "Inferno," featuring Wolfie Moncler and Teleoso. He also released an animated music video that sees the trio battling off zombies and fighting for their lives. By the end, they plunk down on their thrones and remind us that we must go through hell before reaching paradise.

Produced by Cloak Beats and Billy Syn, "Inferno" kicks off with eerie and ominous whispers that lead us into the anthemic and chant-worthy hook. It's sort of this prepare-for-battle listening experience that takes us through what these individuals are doing to survive. Wolfie Moncler tackles the first verse with incredible authority and power; his rhythmic and conceptual bars are sparking flames left and right.

After the second hook, Teleoso makes her honest and inspirational vocal appearance while shredding our speakers with bars about putting in work, making moves, and preparing to fight for her life. Prynce P summons all the dominance and intensity he can find to close the song with his punchy verse. He's ready to keep slashing and jabbing through life's obstacles, and he encourages us to do the same.

Stay ready for action with help from a battle anthem-like Prynce P's new single with Wolfie Moncler and Teleoso, "Inferno," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Prynce P. What an epic and empowering experience you've delivered with your new single "Inferno." What inspired this battle-like piece?

Thank you for having me back on your amazing platform. Inferno stands for hell in Portuguese, but the true meaning of this song is about fighting your inner demons. It's about going to hell and coming back as a stronger person. You and I both know that life is not easy. We all have our own struggles that we deal with on a daily basis. The goal is not to give up, but to keep pushing forward and to come out as victors. Why did you want to create this visually-stimulating animated music video for "Inferno"? What inspired that zombie-esque theme?

The truth is that I love animation and also, who doesn't like Zombies, right? What was it like working with rappers Wolfie Moncler and Teleoso for "Inferno"? What was your collaborative experience with them?

They are 2 of my favorite rappers out of Dallas and they are both extremely creative and easy to work with. I also want to acknowledge the main producer, Cloak Beats, the co-producer, Billy Syn, Vani Music who engineered this track, Nima T who helped with writing the script, and last but not least, Wow Animation Studio who did the animation. If you ever want to succeed at anything, make sure that you choose the right team to work with. What effect do you want "Inferno" to have on listeners? Do you hope it gives them more motivation and power to stick through life's low points?

I want them to know that life does not come with an instruction manual. I want the listeners to know that some of their best moments have not happened yet! I want them to know that if they stay consistent, keep a positive attitude and work hard, they can achieve all their goals. We all go through hell! What separates us is that some fight and come out as winners and some let hell burn them alive and get defeated. The choice is yours... What's next for you?

I am currently wrapping up an international song with Bahador Mokhtar, Elise Music, and Wolfie Moncler. Stay Tuned!