Prepare for Brian Nathan to Stimulate Your Senses in Recent Single "The One (T.Y.H.)"

Pop music is getting a familiar big-time sounding with artist Brian Nathan. Artistically, Brian Nathan is intrinsically driven to create pop music that incorporates soulful elements, packed with energetic and lively rhythms. As an artist who is heavily involved in influences stemming from the Gospel, R&B and Soul music scene, Brian Nathan attempts to combine all of his inspirations to create the methodic harmony known to be his sound. Currently writing and recording in Nashville, TN, Brian Nathan is hitting the music world hard with his dynamic and vigorous performance.

Brian Nathan is bringing an edgy sensation to his latest work. "The One (T.Y.H.)" brings a familiar sort of vocal execution, as the outflow and general production styling follows similar suit to big artists such as Bruno Mars. Brian Nathan makes us feel groovy with the upbeat melody, which is so infectious mood-wise. It's hard to listen to the positive embrace of Brian Nathan and not feel jubilant. "The One (T.Y.H.)" is similar in feeling to having the sun radiate on your skin. You feel completely at warmth, soothed by the calamity of it all. Except there's only so much calmness you can extract from Brian Nathan, as the high-paced atmosphere of "The One (T.Y.H.)" brings both peace and buoyancy. All in all, "The One (T.Y.H.)" will get you moving, and Brian Nathan's vibrancy will shine brightly upon any listener.

Check out Brian Nathan in his latest single "The One (T.Y.H.)" here.

Hey, Brian Nathan! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic to chat more about your recent release, "The One (T.Y.H.)", as well as your history as an artist. Can you start off by telling our listeners your inner visions for "The One (T.Y.H.)", and the meaning behind the track itself?

Thanks, for having me! My vision for "The One (T.Y.H.) was to create something nostalgic that made the listener eager to dance. I was going for a sound that combined both old and new school vibes; something timeless. The song is about a guy pursuing his love interest, convincing her that he is, in fact, "the one" and with the catchy hook and infectious groove, you bet, she accepted!

As an artist who was raised in Birmingham, but now writing and recording in Nashville, how do you feel your creative and artistic personas differ according to the location you're in? How would you describe how the music scenes differ across the two locations?

Culturally, being raised in Birmingham, AL, I was around a lot of gospel and R&B music. Seeing a lot of musicians that played in the church, who also had their own bands, opened my eyes to the possibility of a music career. Though Nashville is home to various musical styles, it is still considered the country capital, and that would be the difference. Birmingham is a hidden jewel comprised of many great musicians whose sound reflects the soul of our rich history. The Magic City's culture helped shape my sound which was birthed from my church upbringing, my father's old school cleanup jams, and my obsession with R&B/pop music videos.

Some of your musical influences include Michael Jackson, as well as Earth, Wind, & Fire. When you discovered these artists' music, how did you feel internally driven to create and record the very music you do today? Do you feel that you extract key elements from each of these artists and blend it into your original sound?

I was driven by how their music made me feel. I instantly connected to it. I then began to realize and enjoy how it made other people react and feel. I loved seeing people smile and dance every time they hear or talk about their music. Their music is timeless and a staple in American culture. I wanted to be able to make people feel the same way when it came to my music. Yes, when you hear my music, you will here inspiration from these great artists.

You've studied at Alabama A&M University, where you constructed and designed your composition skills regarding music. Further, you attended Middle Tennessee State University to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Recording Arts and Technologies. Can you explain how the knowledge you derived from these institutions aided in the ultimate creation of your sound?

Yes, Alabama A&M helped me be able to understand how to create and develop a song theoretically, vocally, and instrumentally. MTSU gave me a technical understanding of the industry. How to record, how to create sounds and how to sonically convey a song. They both helped develop my ear and equipped me with the skills to be a musician, engineer, and producer. Now, I'm able to define and create exactly what I want. If I need to go to the piano and notate a song, I can. If I want to record that sound, I can.

What's next from you and your music, Brian?

Currently, I am working on an album that will allow a deeper experience of how I hear music. You can expect it to be released in the summer of 2020.