Prepare for Gloom Balloon to Pull on Your Heart Strings with "Long Distance Love"

Gloom Balloon is definitely not a music group to be slept on, and we say that with pure emphasis.

Gloom Balloon is an eclectic band that brings together the best of old-school Jazz/Blues with flairs of modern-day production. Their sound is flavorful and never lacks that smooth richness completely characterizable to them.

One of their most recent delectable singles, "Long Distance Love", brings forth a variety of their collective strengths as music artists, as well as opens up listeners' palette with the versatile mix of funk and shimmer.

"Long Distance Love" is ultimately a track that has a phenomenal layered sound. The song has a retro-sounding production with faint flairs of contemporary stylings, typically arising from the distinct piano melody. With a dynamic mix of genres, "Long Distance Love" tends to source influence from the alternative music scene, and once such elements are combined with that jazzy blues soundscape, the product is absolutely uplifting. 

Earlier this month Gloom Balloon had released visuals of the song and the essence it captures is incredibly warming and light-hearted, ultimately stemming from the youthful presence they exploit in order to raise the barriers of the emotionality of the song.

The narrative of "Long Distance Love" is perfectly captured within the music video, following along the story of long-distance love (surprise, surprise) and detailing the struggles and gratitude that come along with it. The track continues to elevate itself once a prominent soulful integration ensues,  and "Long Distance Love" becomes that much more sentimental. All in all, "Long Distance Love" by Gloom Balloon is very affecting and will have listeners experiencing a multitude of emotions. 

Hello Gloom Balloon and welcome to BuzzMusic. Without a doubt, Gloom Balloon is a music group that has a distinct and stratified sound. How do you go about consistently manifesting songs like "Long Distance Love" and be able to insert such a strong level of expression?

I think a song is like a blank canvas and you have an unlimited palette of colors to choose from. I really do believe making music is like painting with sound. How you express the movements of your brushes with emotions and colors has always been the thing that fascinates me the most about making music. "Long Distance Love," for example is at the core just a little love song that can be done on a piano with just voice, but in my head, I wanted to sound like it was traveling to the long distance love in life whether it be through the phone, a postcard, or hell through the stereo, I want it to move and groove on the highways and byways of love. I hope it comes across that way. 

For those who have yet to listen to "Long Distance Love", how would you describe the way the track is meant to make them feel?

Well, maybe I just answered that in question one. But I feel like missing someone's love truly makes your heart feel like it's going to burst. It's one of those songs that you can dance to but could also make you cry. Those are my favorite types of songs. I love going to a wedding dance when the DJ drops a song that is pretty much about suicide and everyone is throwing each other up in the air, but they have no clue how much hurt is in the song.

The music video to "Long Distance Love" captured the essence of the song perfectly. What thought process went behind choosing the visuals as strategically as you did in order to leave the most lasting impression for viewers?

he video for ‘Long Distance Love (Waterloo Sunset)’ was filmed by Cotton Bro who is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, I got the footage from him and edited it. I kinda wanted it to feel like the scene in ‘Virgin Suicides’ when kids are calling each other over the phone and playing records to each other, cause I think that scene is so magical it's one of my favorites in all film history. You know it's like the show "The Wonder Years," it's kinda from the boys who are infatuated with the girls' point of view. I love that, what I can I say. I relate to it.  But instead of calling each other and playing songs, they are writing songs to send to one another. 

There's almost a therapeutic feeling exerted through the ethereal melodies in your music. Compared to other singles, "Long Distance Love" feels tamer in the sense that its melody is much softer. Would you say there was calculated reasoning for this chosen blend of harmonies in "Long Distance Love?"

I kinda wanted the song to be a duet, but also a reprise to other things on the record. So it actually pays homage to itself, and to some tunes from music history like Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks, Waterloo by Abba, and then it also reprises the first track on our album, Tru Love Waits. I feel like love has changed during a pandemic, even someone you love who might be just down the street seems like a long-distance love if you are social distancing. This song was actually recorded long-distance, too, as Mumbi Kasumba, who does the female lead vocals on this song, was in Zambia. I really wanted her to sing on the song, I played a show with her a few years back and she just floored me with her voice and performance, so I asked and I was so happy she said yes, even though she was halfway around the globe. She found a studio, and I sent her the track and lyrics via e-mail, and she recorded her vocals at The Native Studios in Lusaka, Zambia where a recording studio only costs 80 dollars a day! She sings so beautifully. So lucky to have her on the track! 

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well, the full-length album, So Bergam Uses Bach To Get His Point Across, I Feel Like I Have Chosen Rock But At What A Cost comes out on Grand Phony September 25th. I will be filming a release show special with Christopher the Conquered who also has a new record out that day on Grand Phony, that I co-produced with him. If you pre-order the record or follow us on Spotify I think you get a free ticket to see the special! Also, I will have a music video for every track on the album, so I look forward to Disney letting my Visual Album appear next to Beyonce's (wink, wink). Also, I kinda want to put out a Christmas single in early December. I have some sad Christmas songs I want to get out in the world to cap off this very sad year!