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Prepare for Sonic Authenticity with Country Artist Christopher Griffiths’ “Take On You”

Ever since he could remember, Country artist Christopher Griffiths had dreamed of becoming a rock star. The multi-talented artist began to learn bass, guitar, keys, synth, harmonica, mandolin, and upright bass before furthering his musical education at Berklee College of Music in Boston. At age 22, Christopher Griffiths made the life-changing decision to move to Nashville where he now releases his music, including his recent single “Take On You.”

A bass drum and a country strum of an acoustic guitar introduce “Take On You” before Christopher Griffiths first showcases his honey rustic vocals. The sonic atmosphere he creates is immediately absorbed as down to earth, heartfelt, and authentic.

“Take On You” has the type of stomp-clap beat that paints a picture of two-stepping cowboy boots in a down-home honky-tonk bar scene. “Take On You’s” hooking melodies will make you want to sing along, even on your first listen.

As the track continues, a few high octave chords on a piano perpetuate its youthful spirit. Christopher Griffiths demonstrates his vocal range during each chorus, where his passion is transparent within his vocals.

With its country accent and gruff textures, Christopher Griffith’s voice is comparable to the likes of Eric Church. Altogether, “Take On You” remains organic as each instrumentation and vocalization seamlessly fuses without feeling forced. 

Christopher Griffiths has created nuclear instrumentation that will make fans feel like they’re a part of the sensory experience that is “Take On You.” With the ability to hook his fans with the magnetic musical personality behind “Take On You,” listeners will be heavily anticipating more country hits from Christopher Griffiths.

Listen to "Take On You" here.

We loved the lighthearted energy combined with your sonic authenticity with “Take on You.” What was your inspiration for the song “Take on You?”

I was having a conversation with my sister Cindy Drummond in Hollywood and she was telling me about her work with sheltered animals and getting them adopted. I have five adopted pets myself and it inspired me to come up with a jam for her and her work. What made you donate all proceeds to the L.A. Animal Rescue? This is such an amazing initiative to incorporate!

Well, that’s where my sister volunteers. So... I guess nepotism informed that decision. But do you follow them on Instagram? So many gorgeous babies!

You’re influenced by a variety of artists including Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Dre, and Iggy Pop. Can you tell us how these artists inspire your music style? What have you learned from them?

Well, Bob really informs my metaphor usage. And Bruce tells me whatever I say I should mean it, even when it’s a lie. And Dr. Dre keeps me very sonically textured and not afraid to go farther than a quaint Americana song. And Iggy Pop teaches me to perform with no fear because lines are made to be crossed. And to have a lust for life.

Could you tell us a bit about your songwriting process for “Take on You?” What is the message behind the lyrics?

Well, the process was 19 seconds of writing followed by a half-hour of cuddling my cats. But the recording process is interesting. It started with a hand clap only. And then I build out from there, track by track in my office.  The lyrics are pretty straightforward, in life, our true value is determined by when we give without taking and how much we lighten the burdens of others around us.

Can you tell us a bit about the people in your life who inspire you and support you with your career as an artist?

I mean I can’t do anything without my wife. Anything. I’m basically a large well-dressed squash without her.  My mom has definitely had my back forever. Mostly I draw from my peers, inspired by all their creative efforts.





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