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Prepare for the Boisterous Energy Locked Into A Place To Hide

Rising up from the Long Island Music Scene, A Place To Hide is comprised of Nick Rigali, Nick Valero, and Ryan Mastrelli.

The three met in 2014 at a local music shop, where they fulfilled their craving to play in a band, and they’re now known for bringing the energy to the stage; from syncopated rhythms, exciting choruses, and an authentic live feel.

The music of A Place To Hide combines all the problematic issues, hardships, and journeys the members went through to find their place to hide; where you know you’re not alone in your struggles. Through an amplified essence of passion, the Post Hardcore soundscapes of A Place To Hide are electrifyingly illuminated in “So Wrong.” Being a trio, there’s a certain connection that allows the musicality of each instrument to shine in its own environment as the band is seamlessly glued together in syncopation.

Delivering a surge of hard-hitting relief in an impactful universe of belonging, the words that are passionately performed collide with the tightly knit drum patterns, resonated bassline, and propelling guitar riffs that drive this composition forward. Carrying dark connotations in the melodic spirits lurking, everything about “So Wrong,” is intensified with the edge factor being elevated to a newfound dimension. Capturing the stand-out moment glistening in the spotlight, we digest the entirety of unique self-reflection that dangles from the songwriting techniques as it is backed with empowerment from the bolstering percussion hits.

Transitioning through time signatures as we reach the final moments of “So Wrong,” A Place To Hide gently eases us into the culmination of the arrangement. Tiptoeing in realms that spark a sense of intriguing creativity, A Place To Hide continues to deliver the cutting-edge atmospheres that we gratifyingly thrive in.

We love the rollercoaster of intensity that you tour us through in “So Wrong.” Could you please share the inspiration behind this song?

The inspiration behind "So Wrong" was to create a high-energy song that would be fun for us to play live and for fans at shows to move to We set out to write the best APTH song that we have written so far.

What does this song mean to you as a band? Does it hold the same meaning to everyone across the board or do you find its meaning can shift in an authentic way?

For the band, "So Wrong" has a shared meaning. We see it as the acclimation of our struggles, going away to college, and being in different places physically and mentally while maintaining a commitment to the band. For others that are listening to the song, we feel the meaning can morph based on the situation that person is in.

We would love for you to share a glimpse of the creative process that brought this track to life. What did that process look like? Was there anyone to help you achieve the desired sound we hear and love?

"So Wrong" started with the intro guitar/bass riff written by Nick Valero. He then brought it to the guitarist, Nick Rigiali and they collaborated to bring it to the next level. The two kept developing the song, recording it into Rigali’s computer in his bedroom eventually turning it into a demo with computer drums and rough vocals. They brought it to Ryan and he finalized the drum part, giving it high energy with a touch of pop-punk influence. Once the band rehearsed the song, the group reached out to their producer Ryan Schumer, who helped them shape the song in the studio harnessing the staple APTH sound. The band recorded at VuDu studios in January 2021 and "So Wrong" has a scheduled release date of April 30th, 2021.

How do you find “So Wrong,” compares to other songs heard in your music catalog?

"So Wrong" is the next step in A Place To Hide's sound. We bring our signature sound from our past, but it is an indicator of how our sound is to evolve in the future. We’ve really found our voice with this new track but it is always changing as our musical tastes and influences evolve. We don’t know where we’ll go but we know we are going to keep improving.



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