Prepare for Your Heart to Melt with the Soundings of Colin Herrington

Colin Herrington is the most adorable youth singer you'll come across today. His music has a fabulously innocent tone and he uses it to his advantage in singing the current experiences he's undergoing. Colin has spent a lot of his time crafting the sound of himself as both a musician and The elements that Colin brings to his music is the definition of raw, and similar to being unplugged. His third, and most recent release: "Dancing With a Stranger". 

The blended synths added to "Dancing With a Stranger" are dynamic, which inevitably amplifies that elemental sounding of Colin. "Dancing With a Stranger" is a cute tell-all of the thoughts and emotions that Colin goes through, which allows the audience to understand artistry from a completely different perspective. Colin has truly shaped his sounding throughout his artistic journey thus far. Having already been so affiliated with music at such a young and impressionable age, Colin successfully mastered the exact level of charming artists need to win over the hearts of their audience. We're truthfully intrigued with how Colin will build himself up in the music scene since his passion is already so strong. For now, we can only watch how his music and overall sound progress. 

Give a listen to Colin's "Dancing With a Stranger" here.

Hey there Colin! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How are you currently feeling about your progress through the music scene so far? I feel like I have made progress getting my music out into the world, but could do a lot better with social media and spreading the word of my music.  Congratulations on releasing "Dancing With a Stranger" on Spotify! How did it feel creating and recording this song? Creating this song was fun, but it was difficult recording and elaborating on it. Overall it was an enjoyable process. 

Do you enjoy creating your music with your Dad? How does it make you feel working on your music with him? My dad is a great musician, who I very much enjoy working with. He helps my songs improve, and makes recording them more fun than it already is. The even better thing about recording with my dad is that he’s free!

You've learned to play a variety of instruments from such a young age! Are there any instruments you're wanting to learn how to play in the near future? I’ve started to learn a couple of songs on the ukulele, and would like to improve my voice now, and in the future.  Are you planning on working to release another song, or are you planning on taking a break now that "Dancing With a Stranger" is out? I plan to take a small break, but you can’t keep me from recording too long! I have a song in the writing that I would like to record soon.