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Prepare for your Mind to be Shattered with Poster Boy’s “Name of the Dead”

Coming at us straight from Toronto, Canada, Poster Boy is well-versed in the Toronto music scene. Consistently mastering tapes, attending shows, and giving live performances, Poster Boy came into existence. Poster Boy has traveled the country performing live as an opener for Show Me the Body, IDLES, DILLY DALLY, and Dreamcrusher. Poster Boy has released a mind-shattering single labeled "Name of the Dead."

Poster Boy's "Name of the Dead" could be a soundtrack to a hell scene in the hit Netflix original "Lucifer." Picture the suave devil character, played by Tom Ellis, marching into his kingdom surrounded by towering grey cliffs. The fear and the chaos that emits from his environment is perpetuated by "Name of the Dead's" anarchic acidity. "Name of the Dead" is simply ominous. The heavily engineered, electronic guitar backtrack produces a feeling of time slowing down and speeding up at unpredictable moments. Paired with a rock and roll beat, Poster Boy's static-sounding vocals express the essence of Punk-Rock, Emo, and Alt-Rock genres. With its ferociously erratic soundscape, Poster Boy has created a bone-chilling atmosphere with "Name of the Dead."

What was your inspiration behind “Name of the Dead?” What do the lyrics represent?

So the inspiration behind the name of the dead is the process of killing an identity. In this case, the song had previously been titled “the villain” but as time went on I began to relate less to the character that the song was written in the view of. The lyrics actually represent the identity of “a villain” and illustrated is that character’s inability to feel, heal, or even tell you what is wrong. The original song was written in response to a situation a friend of mine was going through; one that I could relate to. When someone in the music scene hurts you, oftentimes I see the same scenario play out; where your need to be supported by your peers is overshadowed by the fear of alienation. That awful feeling we all know when the person is so celebrated in the scene that you don’t want to turn everyone against them, yet you want some kind of social justice, so instead of speaking up, you feel silenced because you can’t even feel comfortable or confident talking about what is actually going on. I feel that this is an ongoing theme in the music industry, where oftentimes the social justice we deserve is not achieved due to our fear of being ostracized by the scene we know as home. I wanted to illustrate that scenario, and also lay that kind of behavior to rest, just like the name of the dead.

How does “Name of the Dead” compare to “Get F*cked” and your other music? Has your music style changed at all over time?

‘get f*cked ’ is short and punk where ‘name of the dead’ is long and indulgent. It’s a lot more pop even tho I feel like I don’t really make pop music.. yet. My music style has definitely changed, but not only that, I have changed as a person, and I wanted to take a break from making ‘Poster Boy’ songs which I had at times stopped identifying with. I often ended up feeling like I was acting out a parody of the person I used to be. So with this record, I wanted to express myself more transparently before I lay to rest the name of the dead. 

What genres inspired you during the creative process of “Name of the Dead?” Do you often stick to the same genre styles?

I don’t know if I would say genres inspired me, but I really like playing guitar to the drum machine on its slowest setting. I would just smoke joints and come back inside and get really stupid with the guitar. As I said, the record is an excursion from what people can expect; it’s a little more personal and a lot more, well.. shit. My buddy called it to post sh*t sh*tgaze or post sh*t post-grunge grunge- and no I don’t often stick to the same styles, although one could argue my obsession with distortion has something to do with the way my stuff usually sounds, in general, I feel like I get pretty bored making the same sounding shit so I try to one-up myself every time.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Honestly, it’s just so much fun and I don’t have anything better to do, that is why I make music, but, that’s at the surface you know, cause on a real level, sometimes you can end up making songs you really resonate with. And when that happens I hope maybe somebody else can relate to the song, if they can hear what I am saying. I always just have something to work through usually. I could get into this year but like, I know I have it alright compared to a lot of people in the world right now. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, more specifically people who have been directly affected by the world's largest civil rights movement in addition to the health pandemic. But yeah, I’ll dish; before I lost both of my jobs due to covid, I was actually kind of stretching myself thin so to speak, and I had many studio projects beginning to pile up. So I guess what has been keeping me inspired is the fact that I still have many things to work on and finish and release. And I am always in the studio at least once a day because it has become a very therapeutic and mental health-wise it’s a really personally rewarding process for me. Some people like to write in their journal and read and reflect, where I like to record noise and listen and reflect. Sometimes I get pretty upset about stuff and music has always been a way to survive through those moments. I am thankful that I have a tool to express myself and process the feelings that are always so heavily attached to my songs. When people and things and situations and scenarios can often make me feel like shit, I take solace in knowing I can transform those feelings into something tangible that I can then learn from, let go of, and then in turn liberate myself from.





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