Prepare To Be Blown Away By Dream Team’s New-Wave Sound In “Blue Is Power”

Formed in North Philadelphia at the Free Widener Branch of Philadelphia comes Dream Team. This up and coming pop collective is comprised of Hiro, GT Gems, Garth, B2B2 and Kedolf. The eclectic five piece wants to spread their eccentric new wave sound across the entire city of Philadelphia. With musical influences in every genre, the group tends to gravitate towards a pop sound, sometimes dipping their toes into rock undertones.

Dream big, Dream high, Dream Dream Team.”

Starting by playing with instrumentals at Free Widener Branch, Dream Team recorded some of their expansive sounds to create their newest single “Blue Is Power”. Laced with elements of electronic pop and indie rock tones, “Blue Is Power” takes the listener on a journey through space and time. The soundscape that Dream Team creates allows you to escape into the lyrical flow and expert production quality. Dream Team is changing up the mainstream game with their refreshing new take on pop music. A diverse mix of musical arrangements, deep lyrical flows, and intense hard-hitting vocals, “Blue Is Power” is definitely worth a listen. I highly recommend you add it to your summer 2019 playlist!

Check out “Blue Is Power” here and read more with Dream Team below!

Hey Dream Team! Can you start by telling us more about yourselves and your upbringing into music?

It began in 2014 with the band's founder Musa Andrews aka Hiro who made his track valentines which went through many renovations until 2015. Then the band's co-founder Goda trakumnaite aka GT gems later did the vocals for it twice before we got the final product in the fall of that year. Gavin Rilley aka Smoke Machine in the summer of 2016 recorded from his own studio for the track titled My loneliness Is blinding Me. In June of 2016 Kenneth Guglielmino recorded the song You Hit Me with his friend Pipus doing most of the ad-libs and was also voiced by GT gems. In September of that year, Bobby Raggazino aka B2 B2 recorded the song mighty sword and from there we made many different songs with many different people.

How did you create your stage name?

It comes from the founder of the group Hiro who always thinks it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Do any specific artist influence or inspire your sound?

Dream Team was inspired by a mixture of the Foo Fighters, Paramore and the Black Eyed Peas.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Blue Is Power”?

The meaning behind the song is basically saying if you had the power of every source of energy that’s blue like the ocean and the sky,  what would it feel like? and what would you do with it?

What's your favorite lyric in "Blue Is Power"? Why?

Our favorite lyric from the song is ‘’like the planes that destroyed the twin towers people look for the sky cause blue is power’’ because it just sounds powerfully written and said.

What can we expect from you next?

Well, Hiro will be performing his 21st century at an event called coast2coast and Dream Team will be looking to perform at more events sooner or later.

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