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Prepare To Be Blown Away By Emma Bieniewicz’ Vocals In “Lavender Hue”

Emma Bieniewicz is a 20 year old indie/pop singer-songwriter from Ada, Michigan. Equipped with an angelic voice and a range to die for, Emma is on her way up. Along with writing music, Bieniewicz is currently a full time student earning her Bachelor of Music in Violin and Viola Performance.

Her release “Lavender Hue” is a beautiful and hypnotizing motif. Her first two singles are a precursor to the EP that she is hoping to release later in 2019. The soft guitar melodies and light piano backings take you on a journey. At just over two minutes, Emma is able to completely send the listener into a trance with her heavenly tones. “Hold on to me now, you’re the one I can’t live without” is a vibrant lyric that perfectly describes the meaningful love and powerful feelings behind every single written word through this track. I believe that Emma Bieniewicz has an ear for musical sounds that are well beyond her age. I hope this is a good indicator of what’s to come from her much anticipated EP later this year. “Lavender Hues” is transporting and relatable and is an incredible start for what is yet to come from Emma Bieniewicz, brilliant up and comer.

Listen to "Lavender Hue" here and get to know more about Emma Bieniewicz below!

Hi Emma! Can you start by telling us more about yourself

Thank you so much for wanting to chat! I am 20 years old and based in Ada, Michigan. While I am fully passionate about singing/songwriting, I dedicate a lot of my musical talents to classical training in both violin and viola. I am currently earning my Bachelor of Music in Performance on both of these instruments. Aside from music, I am a major antique/vintage junkie and love adopting treasures that had hundreds of other lives before this one.

Your voice is beautiful, how long have you been singing for?

How lovely of you to say, thank you! I have been singing for as long as I can remember, but I only began taking it seriously once songwriting became a hobby of mine around six years ago.

What got you started in music?

My dad is a singer-songwriter and plays drums/guitar. I have grown up in a musical household and latched on to that interest.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics of “Lavender Hue”?

‘Lavender Hue’ is a song that actually has a subtitled dedication “for Lake.” I wrote this song for my angel of a boy and how he makes me feel. It was inspired by a specific night we spent camping on the beach in the cold and pouring rain. The sky that day was lavender-gray in color, and the sun was peeking out behind a veil of misty clouds. It was gorgeous and he is gorgeous. This song is Lake’s song.

What theme can we expect in your upcoming EP?

The theme of my EP is kind of hard to pinpoint. It’s a span of feelings that encompassed me during my teenage years. It’s an emotional cleanse of the sadness and hurt, the love I feel so deeply rooted in, and me learning to love the person I am. To me, this EP feels like pillows, smells like wet moss, and sounds like a leaky faucet.


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