Prepare To Be Blown Away By Rhia’s Vocals In “Fire”

Rhia is an international artist, vocalist, songwriter, engineer, performer and producer with a lifetime of music industry experience that has shone through in her latest single, “Fire.” The Australian-born musician began her career performing to crowds of thousands that promised ongoing success, but it was her eagerness to grow as a musician that led her down an unexpected path and continued to forge her into the powerhouse she is today. At 21 years old, Rhia won a scholarship and relocated to Boston in the United States to study at the world-famous Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Rhia found a home in a school that attracted many other already-established musicians who were looking for ways to grow.

“Fire” is a hypnotizing soulful hip hop/future-bass inspired electro-pop anthem, Rhia wrote it and co-produced it alongside Samuel PK Smith (Bebe Rexha) who produced, mixed and mastered it.  The soft synths and light backings take you on a journey. Rhia is able to completely send the listener into a trance with her heavenly tones. Her vibrant lyrics perfectly describe the meaningful love and powerful feelings behind every single written word through this track. “Fire” comes equipped with lyrics about overcoming a situation where you feel squashed, finally gaining the courage to find your voice again. I believe that Rhia has an ear for musical sounds that are well beyond her age. I hope this is a good indicator of what’s to come from Rhia going forward because we’re bumping “Fire” on repeat. “Fire” is transporting and relatable and is an incredible powerhouse track! Within weeks the song was added to over 300 playlists, including Release Radar, Discover Weekly, iTunes US Top 100 Charts, American Top 40, and more, and has gained the attention of countless press outlets and critics, receiving incredibly positive reviews.  “Fire.” is seeing heavy rotation radio play, including on Spotify Radio, and many other stations around the world. New releases and collaborations are on the horizon for Rhia, with upcoming shows in just about every major US city, so keep an eye on for more.

Check out “Fire” here and keep scrolling for an interview with the artist below!