Prepare To Be Blown Away By “You Get To Me” By Anna Cole

From North Carolina, Anna Cole is an emerging singer/songwriter who specializes in electro-pop and dance crossover hits. Inspired by notable artists like Dua Lipa, Anne Marie, Sigala, and classic rockers Journey, Anna is well on her way to the top. As an explosive new force in the music scene, Anna Cole is working with top producers including upcoming singles with Austin Leeds (Avicii, Paul Van Dyk). Currently, she is busy working on her EP of all-new material, set to drop spring 2020. 

Anna Cole dropped her latest track “You Get To Me” and it’s safe to say we’re hooked. “You Get To Me” welcomes both the melancholic embrace of a hypnotizing backdrop and the heartfelt, passionate connection of a song written with depth and intention. That balance is crucial, and really well executed. You relate to that honesty with that vulnerability within “You Get To Me”, and at the same time, it’s easy to turn up loud and escape within. Anna Cole has mastered the art of melodic satisfaction, so the song lingers in your mind long after listening. Despite the lyrical depth, the track energizes and brings together everyone who has felt these emotions and been down these pathways. The moods vary throughout “You Get To Me”, proving Anna to be both a creative and versatile artist. An artist well worth tuning in for.

Listen to “You Get To Me” here and read more with Anna Cole below!

Hey Anna Cole! We're so happy we can feature you and your latest music here on BuzzMusic! How do you feel your music has been developing over time?

It's been going great! I started singing very young and actually released my first EP almost three years ago. I've been hard at work for over four years, refining my abilities and learning the business. I've continued to write and record and be in my studio almost every day, building my team and making great songs! The new EP I'm releasing will come out in the Spring and will feature five songs, at least two or three of them will be brand new releases. I hope to release another music video as well.

"You Get To Me" is an incredibly memorable and authentic single. Can you tell us more about how the creation process went for the song?

I worked with Charles Forrest from Charlotte, NC on this song. He is a young R&B and Rap-influenced producer. He put some really cool beats to the track. I recorded all of the vocals, as I do with all of my songs, right here in my studio and we collaborated through messaging. He does the beats, I do the vocals. He mixed it down and here we are!

We know there are a deeper meaning and story behind "You Get To Me". Are you able to share with our BuzzMusic listeners what the song truly means to you, and where you drew your inspiration from?

I wanted to tell a story that almost every person who is young or in school can relate to. The boy is trying to 'play it cool' and the girl is just like 'get real, OK?' Creeping on my Instagram, saying one thing and meaning another, but really he just likes her. Everyone can relate-

We’re so impressed by your songwriting abilities and achievements! What has been the most memorable achievement you’ve earned so far?

I have been fortunate to receive lots of positive press and I'd say that's what I'm not proud of. From the Associated Press and Teen Music Insider to EQ music and Hype Magazine, I've got some great feedback on both sides of the Atlantic. I'm really proud of that.

Thanks for coming to BuzzMuisc to talk with us about your recent music! What can you tell us about the music video for “You Get To Me”?

We shot the video in an urban outdoor setting, something different from the others I've done. We shot it in downtown Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina. Patrick Lincoln of Torch House Media did a phenomenal job with the video, and we wanted to capture the vibe of the city as well as show who I am. It worked! This is actually my 10th music video; I've still got five up on my YT channel right now.