Prepare To Be Captivated By Pop Artist Julia Lambert

Julia Lambert is the kind of artist that not only requires your full attention, it completely draws it in. She's the pinnacle of a confident and sensual appeal, especially with new music that she has been releasing! Our attention was immediately grabbed and held throughout the entirety of Julia Lambert's recent music. We have felt that the execution of her sound is a huge stand out from other pop artists, and we're incredibly excited to be showcasing her latest single "Wild Rose in the City" on BuzzMusic!

Sultry and alluring are two words that can accurately describe the essence "Wild Rose in the City" projected ambiance. Julia captures her listeners' attention with her mysterious and assertive appeal, which combines with an intense production. So, ultimately, we're all in for a treat with the sound of Julia Lambert. She gives us dramatics, a genuine vocal delivery, and a mature sound throughout "Wild Rose in the City"--we can feel the passion immensely. We must say that Julia's sense of authenticity in her sound is what has us completely drawn to her. It's obvious to us that she's taking the dramatic pop category, and adding a more sensuous and emphatic appeal. We can guarantee this won't be the last time you'll receive quality music from Julia Lambert. For now, we're eagerly awaiting new music from Lambert, and can't wait to see how she'll transform with the history of her music!

You can give listen to Julia's latest single "Wild Rose in the City" here.