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Prepare To Be Transported Listening To “Location” By Camera Cult

Camera Cult is a trio with a unique mixture of indie, synth and most importantly pop that is coming into their own as a group with a soothing and vivacious sound that is going to bust open the contemporary pop door. Ricky J. Vasquez and David Gonzalez are from Houston, Texas and met in 2007 in their freshman year of high school. After years of maintaining a friendship they decided to found an American Indie/Pop band in 2014 called Camera Cult. Influenced by artists like New Order, Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi and particularly Chromeo’s “White Women” album, Vasquez and Gonzalez began to write pop and dance music. In their earlier songs Morris Day & the Time and their 80’s funk pop shone through and the local Houston music scene was positive and enthusiastic. Despite this the pair wanted to evolve their music into a more contemporary pop territory.

“Location” is a new song from Camera Cult and starts off with relaxing tones from the synth and piano. This head bobbing, heart throbbing song shows that this trio has real talent in the contemporary pop genre. With a catchy lyrics transporting you to another “location” along with the lively beat of the music, this song makes you want to listen to the end. The bridge brings a creative solo to the synth and helps the different tones of the vocals really come out. I can picture driving to the cottage bobbing my head along to this song on repeat, as it really is a feel good song. You can hear the emotion behind each lyric and note giving depth to this new age pop song, with essence of Phil Collins and definite hints of Prince found throughout this track. This up and coming trio has released a great song with meaningful lyrics and are bringing a new style to contemporary pop that is going to be a hit!

Listen to "Location" here and get to know more about Camera Cult below!

Hey! So great to chat with you all! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hi! We’re Camera Cult but sometimes we go by CAMBOYZ. Three guys from Houston, TX. The band consists of myself, Ricky J. Vasquez, David Gonzalez & Skyler Scholtes. Our only goal is to create music that makes people dance. Playing to a live audience is probably our favorite thing to do. 

What made you decide to evolve Camera Cult’s sound into a more contemporary pop sound?

I think it just came with age and the influence from the music around us. We spent a lot of time listening to contemporary hip hop and pop music that it just bled into our writing. And we wanted to find a way to make it our own and still be able to incorporate our roots.

The main chord structure came to me by accident really. And then the sudden burst of creativity kicked in and I couldn’t let it go until we had a solid piece of music to work with. The lyrics wrote themselves and I was inspired by lines from Travis Scott and Kanye West. It’s funny cause we decorated the song like a sweet kind of love song but it’s actually about a scummy kind of guy. 

You all Sound extremely talented! When did you each start playing music?

David and I met in high school and would be in and out of bands together ever since. David got into making beats, production and synthesizers. Skyler and I  started off really young playing drums and guitar. We both came from musical families so it was only natural for us to get into music. David and I started CameraCult in 2014 I think. Skyler wouldn’t join the band until 2017. 

What new and exciting things can we expect from Camera Cult in 2019?

Well we just dropped a new music video for our single “Location” from our TALKNICE EP. So now we want to drop more singles through out 2019 as well as more videos. Touring is also always on the agenda. 


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