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Prepare to Enter a Blissful Trance with Rap Duo Chise Up’s New Single, “Segue”

Straight from the Southside of Chicago, the Hip-Hop world is welcoming Chise Up as a rapping duo to watch for.

The cousins discovered their passion for rapping as they grew up, and officially formed their music group while attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Ever since, the pair currently streams their original tracks across all platforms, and have dropped four full-length projects to date.

They have recently treated their fans with a charismatic Hip-Hop single labeled, “Segue.” With “Segue’s” dynamic energy created through the artist’s vocal diversity, the backtrack of the song remains constant and sturdy. There is first a singular, delicate strum of a guitar to precede each bar which sets up the initial melody.

Soon paired with an elegantly spaced out snare drum, Chise Up immediately urges their listeners into a relaxation inspiring daydream. Additionally, Chise Up advertises some old-school flavors with a rhythmic piano played from a blues perspective.

The sonic duo effectively caters to lovers of authentic instrumentation, readily expanding their fan base into the world of blues and soul. With the guitar and piano lines faded into the background, Chise Up layers a throwback, 90s rap style beat, giving “Segue” its characteristic charm. When it comes to the vocals, the collaboration of two unique sounds allows Chise Up to stand out in the world of Hip-Hop.

As each of their verses flows effortlessly like a soothing tide, Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic give their fans an unparalleled sonic experience. Without forcing any energy levels, they keep their vocals organic as each cousin displays a contagious impression of a blissful nonchalance.

For any fans looking to become entranced in a low-fi Hip-Hop experience, Chise Up will certainly create an ideal atmosphere with their new single “Segue.”

As cousins, what made you decide to pursue a career in Hip-Hop as a duo project? Daws Lotto has been rapping since high school. Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic attended college together and when Daws Lotto left school to pursue music in Atlanta with his other cousin Venny O is when Cognac Classic started to make music. When Daws Lotto came back home it seemed only right to form the group Chise Up.

Can you tell us about the message behind your lyrics for “Segue?” What inspires your songwriting? Basically Just a showcase of two emcees doing their job to the fullest. Both Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic show off their versatility by combining elite wordplay, clever punch lines, precision delivery, and substance over this greatly produced track.

With your soulful instrumentations filling the backtrack of “Segue,” we couldn’t help but become entranced. What genres inspire your music sound? Did you incorporate flavors of any specific genres for “Segue?” CoKilla Productions and the Trakk Addicts production team have been providing Chise Up with high-quality beats for years. They are also versatile in their sound from backpack/hip hop beats, soulful samples, R & B tracks, and trap beats. So no surprise the soulful track of Segue is just the latest creation of excellence.

As a duo, can you tell us a little bit about your collaboration? Do you each have specific roles when it comes to writing and producing your tracks?

We are very like-minded when it comes to constructing and writing songs. Our specific role is just to kill every song. Again we are very like-minded so whichever one of us comes up with a hook or theme for a song the other is very easily capable of jumping right in without missing a step.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Hope and just staying busy elevating the ChiseUp brand. Finishing the upcoming album HD3. Also finishing the ILL BROWN produced album "THE FLU GAME" and starting the exclusive produced S7n Lee project. Laying features and collaborating with artists Mac Millie, Geno Pacino to name a few. And taking to the clothing brand ChiseUp Apparel to the next level of fashion.


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