Prepare to Propel Yourself in a Daydream With Rosa Mystica's "Holding Roses"

Singer-songwriter Rosa Mystica hails from Los Angeles, CA, and is dropping fresh new psychedelic waves with her latest music.

Being involved with the music scene ever since the young age of 12, Rosa Mystica has always known that music was a passion and true calling. Fast forward 12 years and Rosa Mystica finds herself with a heart full of passion for art and music, as well as a desire to share and unveil her truth to listeners. 

Rosa Mystica has released her single "Holding Roses", which was accompanied by an illustrious music video.

Listening to the song along with its music video, you'll realize that the chosen visuals blend in perfectly with the emotions "Holding Roses" allows you to feel. Rosa Mystica's creative energy is expressed entirely within the track, and the soundscape is incredibly graceful. We find ourselves gliding along "Holding Roses" with auditory ease, melting into the various energies emulating from the song.

There's most definitely a potent sultriness to Rosa Mystica, and its ever-so present within "Holding Roses". It's what attracts all of our senses, and keeps our attention fixated on the various psychedelics presented in the video. All in all, "Holding Roses" was very stimulating in many different aspects and offered a lax atmosphere easy to vibe in. 

Listen to Rosa Mystica's alluring single, "Holding Roses", here