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Prepare to Relate to Steven Montes With His Melancholic Single, “20 Minutes”

From Adelanto, California, Steven Montes is a Singer, Songwriter, and Producer on the rise who has just released a ‘must listen’ single called “20 Minutes.”

Refusing to box himself into a specific niche genre, Montes pushes boundaries and draws his songwriting inspiration from diverse genres including hip-hop, pop, and punk.

His recent single will catch the attention of music lovers who can appreciate introspective lyricism. Steven Montes’ “20 Minutes” includes a laid back 808 trap beat with its own unique percussion spin, giving it a softer effect.

The background melody comes from a skillful rendition of an acoustic guitar. Each note is plucked, and the occasional finger sliding up and down the strings can be heard, which gives the song an organic feeling. The beat paired with the guitar is maintained throughout the entirety of “20 Minutes,” leaving the audience with a comforting sense of stability.

Fans will be pleasantly surprised as Steven Montes joins the mellow soundscape and begins to sing. His deep voice is extremely relaxed and doesn’t fluctuate much between pitches. 

Steven Monte creates a soothing effect with his intoner-like vocals and ends up creating melancholic energy. In addition to its magnetic production, “20 Minutes” has a story behind its poetic lyrics. 

Steven Montes writes from the first person as he articulates feeling stuck in today's society. Many of his phrases in the song are common thoughts for his fans, and often not spoken aloud.

By bringing awareness to struggles with mental health such as anxiety, depression, and addiction, Steven Montes ensures that his music is meaningful, and will contribute to advancements in our society.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the message behind your lyrics in “20 Minutes?” What is the main thing you want your audience to hear?

The lyrics for “20 Minutes” are pretty straight forward, I just laid all of my problems and insecurities on the table for everyone to hear, hoping someone out there can relate. I want my audience to hear my words and know that whatever they’re going through, it doesn’t have to be alone.

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, could you walk us through the whole process of creating “20 Minutes?” What was your inspiration for the song?

The process for this one was actually pretty crazy. I was going through a rough week where I couldn’t get any work done, then one night after a Taco Bell run with my sister it all hit me. I started scanning my laptop for drum loops and put together the instrumental, then got to writing and recording. I recorded the whole song from my car around 2 am but I still wasn’t satisfied, so we shot and edited a video for it on the same day. A whole song and music video did within 24 hours. Wild.

Your vocals for “20 Minutes” are extremely laid back and relaxed, why did you choose this style of music?

If I had a good voice I probably wouldn’t be singing so laid back and relaxed, but I think that’s where I sound best at. I also like to listen to music while I sleep and my songs lately haven’t been the most relaxing, so I wanted to change that. 

How does “20 Minutes” compare to your other songs? How has your music style evolved over time?

Most of my other songs are very aggressive, this one is a little on the softer side but that’s what makes me like it. I don’t have to scream to get my point across, and over time I’m learning to control that. I’ve evolved in a way where I can express emotions through different paths, not just screaming.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, but I like to think it’s been the best when it comes to lessons learned. Bonds I thought would never break have fallen under pressure, and new relationships have sparked, bringing me more happiness than I’ve ever felt. The people I keep in my circle inspire me, and I hope to inspire them just as much. For now, I’m just stocking up on these songs, waiting for the day I can play them all for you live.



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