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Prepare to Take a Nostalgic Trip Through the Era's with "Hot in Kansas City"

Holding true to their reputation, Attic Light has been described as "somewhere between Depeche Mode and Prince." With frontman Nathan Bowman leading the band in a fully energized and stimulating rock style, this hard-hitting group is also made up of Patrick Rippeto, showcasing rhythm on the bass, Michael Pittman drowning us in lush guitar licks, and Joseph Dillman flaunting tight drums patterns and exhilarating keys.

This Kansas City-based band has become well-known for their energetic and eccentric live performances, which have made the band a distinct presence in the Midwest. Their latest album release, "These Exiled Years," features seven of the band's favorite tracks recorded both in Nashville with producer extraordinaire Dohse of AGD Entertainment. Shining that enlightening focus on the hometown inspired dance single, "Hot in Kansas City," Attic light wants you to know that they are working hard on their evolution.

"Hot in Kansas City" instantly transports you to a vibrant night out with the weighty rhythm and funk elements presented in the composition. Taking a nostalgic voyage through the eras, we can pick up on a little something from the 1970s to present day intoxicating melodies that shower us with nothing but good vibes raining from the speakers. Oozing with opulent guitar chords, booming drum hits, mellow bass grooves, airy synths, and resonant, charismatic vocals, the progression of the tale, which is "Hot in Kansas City," has us wanting to book a one-way ticket to the Jazz infused town to fuel our souls with the passion that is emitted in this record.

Flowing together in an unforced manner, the likes of Attic Light fit together as seamlessly as a jigsaw puzzle. Each member brings forth a fortified presence as they complement one another through each melody performed. Although Attic Light has taken a hiatus most of 2020, you would never guess that was the case with the solidified content that they exude as they continue to smother us in reverberated delicacy reminiscent of better days. Inspiring us to let loose, dance a little, or a lot, and to get lost in the music, we can eagerly say that we're ready for what comes our way.

Congratulations on the release of “Hot in Kansas City,” from your album “These Exiled Years.” With the wild dynamic that you all have, could you please tell us; how did Attic Light come to be formed?

Nathan and Patrick were the two original members. They've been playing music together since high school and collaborated on several other music projects before forming Attic Light with another guitarist and drummer. After our first year (ish) as a band, Mike (guitar) and Joseph (drums) joined. Everyone in Attic Light comes from a fairly different musical background and has different tastes which we enjoy. Each member brings something different to the songwriting process. We are constantly sending each other songs to listen to so we can see what is influencing each member at the time.

What was your inspiration behind “Hot in Kansas City,” and the entire album “These Exiled Years”?

"These Exiled Years" is a collection of songs we had previously recorded, but never released as a collection together in one EP. We had written and recorded a few more songs, but we feel that the songs of this EP best reflect who we are as a band. When we write, we try to make sure every song has a strong beat. Our tagline has been "Midwest Dance Rock." We try to write music that people can move to, and we think this EP can do that!

What encouraged you to make “Hot in Kansas City” the single off of the album?

"Hot in Kansas City" means a lot to us as it's about our hometown. The song has a few influences. "Kansas City" is an old blues standard with a long history of being covered by artists from The Beatles to Mumford and Sons. That old standard is about going to Kansas City for a good time. We wanted to invoke the spirit of that classic, with a funkier attitude. When Nathan was composing the song, he was really drawn to the syncopated dance beats of Prince which inspired the song's overall feel. And for those who don't know, "City of Fountains" is a nickname for KC. If you listen to the song, that'll make sense...

Nearing the end of the year, what was your biggest lesson learned as a band in 2020? many. One is that you really can't plan for much in the current atmosphere. Many bands say this, but it is certainly true of us as well, we are very much a live band. We love playing shows. That has always been the backbone of what we do. Maybe we didn't record as much as we would like, maybe we weren't on social media enough, but we played A LOT of shows. With live shows no longer an option, we have had to learn how we can still be productive and keep things moving forward.

What can we expect to see next from you?

We have been writing a lot of songs. We are going to begin releasing a steady stream of singles beginning in 2021. A silver lining to taking a break from playing live is that it's allowed us to focus on new material, so we are very excited to start recording again!


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