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Prepare Your Ears For Andii Styron’s Debut EP, ‘Thawing Out’

Coming in hot from West Palm Beach, Florida, is a singer-songwriter and new-age folk act Andii Styron, who's ready to take listeners for a ride in her debut EP, 'Thawing Out.'

Andii Styron is quickly making the Florida music scene her own through exhilarating lyrics and sounds that range from soft rock to alternative country.

She's often described as an old soul who's inspired by acts like Brandi Carlile, Eva Cassidy, Fleetwood Mac, and John Mayer.

Now, Andii Styron is excited to announce her new 5-track EP, 'Thawing Out.' We should definitely expect the new project to feature Andii Styron's heart-wrenching lyrical themes that dissect her thoughts, emotions, and inspirations.

Signed with Innerstate Records in Portland, Oregon, Andii Styron's lyrics reflect on pain, hardships, and life's consequences, all themes which are present in her new EP.

The fusion artist has five tracks on the new project, "Heavy," "In My Own Way," "You Thought," "(Tell Me) How it Feels," and "Slip of the Tongue." All of which were written out of bitterness and anger.

It's safe to say that Andii Styron's debut EP packs a heavy punch and will premiere on BuzzMusic on June 13 with an exclusive interview.


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