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Prepare Your Ears for Chris Carroll's Enthralling Upcoming Release

The Seattle-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Chris Carroll announces the release of his sweet and savory forthcoming single, "Rose Colored Glasses."

Known for his spontaneity and artistic versatility, Chris Carroll's music blurs the lines between styles and sounds like alternative rock, pop, folk, and jazz. Never failing to capture an audience's undivided attention, Chris Carroll's in-depth production and organic instrumentation truly offer an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience.

Currently finishing up his debut full-length album, Chris Carroll recently announced the release of his upcoming single, "Rose Colored Glasses." After a private listen, we were able to fully experience the passion and vocal beauty that Chris Carroll has to offer. The song itself is incredibly magnetic, as the soothing instrumentals merged with Chris Carroll's gentle and melodic vocals bring us all the passion and bliss we need nowadays.

Keep your eyes peeled for Chris Carroll's forthcoming single, "Rose Colored Glasses," soon to be available on all digital streaming platforms.

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