Prepare Your Ears for RudeGRL & CC's Sophomore EP, 'Killer 16'

Hailing from London, UK, the genre-bending rule-breaking trio RudeGRL & CC are set to release their explosive forthcoming sophomore EP, 'Killer 16,' on April 23 via Firefly.

Comprised of MC Jenna Dickens, burlesque star Bunni Morretto, and rocker Chris Constantinou, the multi-hyphenate queer group formed with the sole desire to create a place for those who don't fit into society's norms. When listening to the likes of RudeGRL & CC, one should expect rapid-fire rap, fuzz bass, industrial beats, twangy guitars, and atmospheric post-punk that celebrates grime and the 80s.

Expanding on their sophomore 5-track EP, 'Killer 16,' the project is said to amplify the group's unique punk-hop sound, primarily within the title track that touches on the release of trauma and anger instead of feeling destructed by it. The EP's third track, "What is Love," is said to tread the grounds of pop while also grasping an 80s feel, which initially brought Dickens and Constantinou together in the first place.

Throughout the project, all instrumentals are played and performed by Constantinou, who also collaborated with co-producer Nicholas De Carlo. When elaborating on RudeGRL & CC's creative process, Constantinou mentioned, "I think the thing that really makes it work is that we don't spend too long on anything, so it's just a stream-of-consciousness of everything that I've learned and everything that's very natural to Jenna, who's very quick at stuff."

As RudeGRL & CC continue to tweak their forthcoming EP, 'Killer 16,' prepare your ears for the band's debut album later this year, which is said to be an attention-grabbing culture crash consisting of grime-filled bangers. For the time being, check out RudeGRL & CC's debut EP, 'Like Wow,' on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RudeGRL & CC. We're more than excited to dive into your forthcoming sophomore EP, 'Killer 16.' What inspired the project's title? Is there a particular theme or concept within this EP?

Rude GRL: YAAAS thanks for having us! The Killer 16 EP is a bit of a journey of recovery. Like WOW is really like a fight song it’s saying I am who I am & I came here to slay & I won’t let anything get in my way of doing that. It’s a fight song taking back ownership of your life, reclaiming what’s yours & being unapologetic about it. Our lead track Killer 16 is about letting out all of the pent-up aggression, it’s no holding back & letting out the dark side. What Is Love is more about finding some compassion & processing the grief around trauma. Catfish feels more about having fun! To me, recovery doesn’t have to be all serious all the time & I think to really recover we have to reclaim our life & actually have fun & find some joy in this mad world.

CC: Hi BuzzMusic! Jenna and I met back when I was signed to Sony-AT. My band was The Wolfmen at the time and we were co-writing with a lot of people including FKA TWIGS (before she became famous), Sinead O’Connor, Lou Reed, etc and they introduced me to Jenna. We clicked and wrote a load of material, but then Jenna disappeared for a while. Years later I was awake thinking back to this amazing 3 piece band I saw live at a pub in Finsbury Park, with a female singer, bass player, and drummer. They all had these massive afro’s and were playing a mixture of dance music and rock live with no backing tracks. The place was packed! The energy and vibe in that room I couldn’t forget, so I thought maybe I could get something similar together with Jenna. I texted her in the early hours of the morning one day and she was into the idea! So we met up and decided to write and record 12 songs in 12 hours - which became our upcoming album! During the process, Jenna Brought her partner down Bunni, who is an award-winning Burlesque Dancer, and so I was thinking back to seeing live performance artists with bands, like Stacia with Hawkwind, Bez in Happy Mondays, etc and asked if she would be up for joining us on stage for live stuff - so that’s how it started!

How does 'Killer 16' contrast and differ from your debut EP, 'Like Wow?' What do you bring to the table this time around?

Rude GRL: The Like WOW EP was a teaser for what’s in store. We hit some hard topics like racial abuse, sexual abuse & addiction but I tried to write it in an empowering way. Killer 16 is totally unapologetic & in your face, take it or leave it & really uncensored. When we came to recording What Is Love I actually had to take a moment to breathe! It felt like I really went deep & let out some stuff that I hadn’t found a way to let out like that before. Catfish is bringing all the twerks, all the punk & all the strippers haha I can’t wait to play this stuff live!! We got some punk rap twerk stripping madness in store.

Bunni Morretto: I'll be bringing all the Twerks, all the burlesque Striptease, all the black girl magic so I hope people are ready to get naked and twerk too ;) haha!

What do you want your audience to feel after listening to your EP 'Killer 16?' What sort of vibe or atmosphere does the project deliver?

Rude GRL: I really would love people to feel empowered & also free to be exactly who they are, no holding back. I hope that it will help some people to relate & feel less alone. But I also hope it gives us all a space to escape from the stress & pain in life & find the joy & fun & excitement.

Bunni Morretto: I want people to feel empowered!!!! Embrace their jiggly bits! Strip off their clothes and twerk. Feel free and live their BEST LIVES!!!

We've heard that you're also planning to release your debut album later this year. Could you drop any hints as to what listeners should anticipate from your full-length album?

Rude GRL: It’s going to be LIT! Anticipate the most in your face, punk rap, unapologetic, no holding back, an uncensored, genre-bending, mind-bending album of the year & then you MIGHT just be ready for it haha. Hold your wigs on tight bitches! Lol

CC: Yes in September along with a double A-side single! There are a few surprises set to come along with that too.

Bunni Morretto: Yaassss!! We have lots of super exciting plans. We’re also playing some really exciting festivals and gigs. We can't wait!!!