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Prepare Yourself for Ponderosa Grove's Debut Record, 'The Debut'

Based out of Prescott, Arizona, the beautiful mountain music city, the soulful and folk-inspired band Ponderosa Grove are excited to announce the release of their debut 11-track album entitled 'The Debut.'

Through the sweet vocals of Candace Devine and Drew Hall, Ponderosa Grove also announces their collaboration with Johan Glidden for their forthcoming record, 'The Debut.' With their unique combination of sounds, voices, and influences, Ponderosa Grove is eager to find new and loyal listeners who appreciate organic, soothing, and heartfelt folk-inspired music.

Listeners can get a glimpse of Ponderosa Grove's debut album through their first released single and music video, "Waterline." If the album is anything like the lush, soulful, and refreshing single, "Waterline," then listeners are indeed in for a treat.

With eleven thorough and beaming singles on their debut album, 'The Debut,' Ponderosa Grove is charging headfirst down their unique path while encouraging listeners to find a piece of themselves in the heartfelt project. Stay up to date with Ponderosa Grove on their website, '' for further announcements regarding their debut record, 'The Debut.'


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