Prepare Yourself for the Dark and Thought-Provoking Music of Yung Sinister

Updated: Feb 11

Yung Sinister was born and raised in the Netherlands, yet has always remained intrigued with American/English music. And so, we have a European artist that is dedicated to producing an American/English type sound. Yung Sinister has this way in his execution that draws in attention. The vibe of his tracks is expressive, fast, and extremely thought-provoking. One of his most recent releases "Suicide", encapsulates all of these characteristics that are collectively exclusive to the sounding of Yung Sinister.

"Suicide" got us hooked easily after the first ten seconds of the track. Yung Sinister started our listening experience off with a mysterious environment, which gradually morphed into a more dark and sinister (ironic) execution. Yung Sinister genuinely kept our attention while we listened to the entirety of the track. "Suicide" encompasses the hardships, yet realities of life. I found that he communicates his pain in the most expressive way. I felt as if Yung Sinister was unveiling himself and his darkest demons within "Suicide". It's what makes the song so incredibly captivating. It's easily observable that Yung Sinister provides a rap perspective on otherworldly music. It has underground vibes, telling lyricism, and dramatic production. All of those elements combined made what is "Suicide", and Yung Sinister's creative outlook has been ultimately displayed. We'll be interested to see what Yung Sinister curates next for 2020!

Check out Yung Sinister's sound here.