Prepare Yourself With A Mellow Take On Alt-Rock With Mike Cerveni's Recent Releases!

Alt-rock artist Mike Cerveni is bringing an old-school, reminiscent rock sound back to BuzzMusic. The ambiance he emulates to his listeners is habitual and concentrated in such a complementary way to his overall sound. As an activist within the music community, Mike uses his platform ultimately as a means to give back, which sets his music apart from tons of music out there! We're impressed with Mike's ability to constantly give as an artist, through his music, and ultimately his actions. We'll always be here to support Mike Cerveni's music, and we're incredibly excited to introduce his latest two singles "Everything's For You" and "Forever" here on BuzzMusic!

"Forever" is a more mellow rock track that will definitely have some emotions emit themselves. It is clear that throughout "Forever" Mike expresses his personal feelings with his love-life. We get a raw and open look at Mike, and how he has felt with a particular individual. We get to experience the questions and misunderstandings of significant others and ultimately portrays true love. Near the end of the song, it is clear that Mike has a deep love for the woman in question throughout "Forever", and we're presented with a love story that ends in the best way possible (spoil alert). Mike Cerveni, without any doubts, is able to connect with listeners for the sole purpose of fully opening himself up emotionally. We get to see an honest part of Mike's life, rather than a fabricated story that has no personal attachment. What we love the most is Mike's ability to take such a story, and embed it incredibly well into a natural, more calming rock rhythm.

In his next single, Mike Cerveni is bringing back that old-school alt-rock sound we were used to hearing within the 2007-2011 timeframe. "Everything's For You" is a heavy-hitting track with a seriously powerful vocal delivery. We're impressed with the stability Mike maintains through