Prepare Yourself With A Mellow Take On Alt-Rock With Mike Cerveni's Recent Releases!

Alt-rock artist Mike Cerveni is bringing an old-school, reminiscent rock sound back to BuzzMusic. The ambiance he emulates to his listeners is habitual and concentrated in such a complementary way to his overall sound. As an activist within the music community, Mike uses his platform ultimately as a means to give back, which sets his music apart from tons of music out there! We're impressed with Mike's ability to constantly give as an artist, through his music, and ultimately his actions. We'll always be here to support Mike Cerveni's music, and we're incredibly excited to introduce his latest two singles "Everything's For You" and "Forever" here on BuzzMusic!

"Forever" is a more mellow rock track that will definitely have some emotions emit themselves. It is clear that throughout "Forever" Mike expresses his personal feelings with his love-life. We get a raw and open look at Mike, and how he has felt with a particular individual. We get to experience the questions and misunderstandings of significant others and ultimately portrays true love. Near the end of the song, it is clear that Mike has a deep love for the woman in question throughout "Forever", and we're presented with a love story that ends in the best way possible (spoil alert). Mike Cerveni, without any doubts, is able to connect with listeners for the sole purpose of fully opening himself up emotionally. We get to see an honest part of Mike's life, rather than a fabricated story that has no personal attachment. What we love the most is Mike's ability to take such a story, and embed it incredibly well into a natural, more calming rock rhythm.

In his next single, Mike Cerveni is bringing back that old-school alt-rock sound we were used to hearing within the 2007-2011 timeframe. "Everything's For You" is a heavy-hitting track with a seriously powerful vocal delivery. We're impressed with the stability Mike maintains throughout the track, especially near the parts where it requires a heavy energy-surge in vocalism. Mike Cerveni does not waiver throughout "Everything's For You", and we knew we had a phenomenal rock track once we saw this type of utter commitment. Having a long tracklist, and tons of musical experience, we knew we were in for a real and authentic rock atmosphere when listening to the likes of Mike, and "Everything's For You" does not disappoint, in any way! Mike Cerveni captures the very essence of a more rugged execution and uses striking guitar riffs to amplify the song itself. The correct tone is there, and Mike inevitably elevates his sound through the hardcore beat curated for the track. "Everything's For You" and "Forever" is available on your favorite streaming platforms, and we highly recommend our BuzzMusic alt-rock listeners to give these tracks a chance, because they definitely won't disappoint!

Check out "Everything's For You" here, as well as "Forever" here!

Hey there Mike! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Can you share with our readers how the overall production of "Everything's For You" went? 

Thank you for having me be a part of the BuzzMusic community! Shortly after having my son Liam, I remember sitting on the edge of the bed and just playing around with some chords and it quickly became something more. I started with the melody of the chorus and just thought about Liam, who at the time was just a couple months old. Soon after I sent a demo to the studio I’ve done all my recordings at, SLR Studios here in Windsor, Ontario. I knew I wanted the production to be rock driven with big sounding drums. Once the drums and bass were added in the mix, everything sounded so’s exactly what I thought it would be. But there was one thing missing…I thought how cool would it be if Liam was on the recording?? So I recorded him on my phone trying to make him laugh. We added those parts in the intro and outro of the song. Liam, now 2.5 years old, knows it’s his song and loves singing along to it!

Can you describe where you drew your inspiration from in order to curate "Everything's For You" and "Forever"? Which track would you say was easier to write/record?

“Everything’s For you” is a song written for my son Liam. It’s my wife’s first child and it’s something that definitely changes you, for the better. “Forever” is a story about how my wife, Melanie, and I met in Serbia while I was on vacation visiting family. “Everything’s For You” was the easier song to write and record I would say. “Forever” was an idea given to me by my cousin from Germany who had these chord progressions and I instantly came up with a chorus and lyrics to it. A few months later I flew to germany to do pre-production on “Forever” with my cousin and then brought the project back to Windsor to finalize it here. During the pre-production at the studio in Germany, I still had to finish the song lyrics and some of the melody. It was tough because I woke up with a headache or migraine but I knew I had to keep going because we had studio time booked. I sat on a couch while they were tracking acoustic guitar and I was trying to finish the verses. It was definitely difficult but I just thought of how I felt when I met my wife in Serbia and the writing process came easy from there. 

It's incredibly heartwarming with how much you give back to the community! Have you always known that you've wanted to contribute to others, with the help of your music?

I think giving back to your community is important. Many songs on my first and current album are about going through the loss of my mom as she was battling cancer. Another song “What Would You Do?” is about seeing situations happen and passing them by, not wanting to intervene. Having these songs and being able to give back to the community by using local organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society or organizations that deal with homelessness or domestic violence, is a great feeling. Plus, I get to share music with a message to the people who may need it the most. 

What're the predominant changes you face within your music from when you first started creating, to now?!

I think I definitely have a different outlook on life compared to when I first started creating music. Life is a big influencer in terms of what I write about. When I first started creating music is, it was in my teens and yo know, that’s full of lost relationships, teenage angst and all that. With my new album, it’s all about the love for my family. 

It was awesome to showcase your music here to our BuzzMusic listeners! Any parting words of inspiration to aspiring singer/songwriters out there?!

Dream big. Always practice your craft and follow your heart and instincts when it comes to your own music. It’s important to get out there, get your music heard but most of all, create the music you want to create. 


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