Prepared To Get Hot With This Sizzling Summer Hit By JayTrey And Britney Jayy; “En Fuego”

JayTrey is an Ohio MC looking to make his mark on the game! After two projects in 2017 and 2018, the rapper is gearing to release his first album "Phoenix" in late 2019.

One of the leading tacks on this album is the single titled “En Fuego” featuring the artist Britney Jayy. “En Fuego” is bound to be a summer hit with the delightful vibrancy that’s exuding across the element of pop. the melodic production alongside the rhythmically driven tempo was nicely arranged and manufactured a danceable tune! Despite the charismatic and outgoing beat and aesthetic of the song, the vocals by Britney were emotionally rich, with a strong texture you won’t forget. The lyrics that were delivered by the rapper JayTrey seemed to have a deeper context than what you may have expected. I loved the hook. I started singing along with the artists because it was so contagious. It infects you with a string of sonic and soaring vibrations and a relaxing sense of exhilarating dance moves.

“En Fuego” will no doubt in mind be the perfect song people can let loose too during our upcoming summer season! Listen to the single here and get to know more below in our interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic JayTrey! How has the journey been for you so far as an artist? What are some challenges you face and tend to overcome?

The Journey as an artist has come with its challenges, but I will say that I have grown to develop a sound that people genuinely enjoy and I work so much harder than I ever have. When I first started, I had no idea what type of sound or tone I wanted to go with my music but now I’m making music how I feel and people have been very receptive.

How does your new debut album “Phoenix” differentiate itself from your previous two projects?

Some challenges I face is fear of rejection and also writers block. I used to be afraid that if a person didn’t enjoy my music that I wasn’t good enough and would beat myself up trying to make tracks sound better. Eventually I just accepted that I won’t be able to please everyone and make music for the people that do support me and hopefully change the mind of haters. And the writer’s block is just me trying to come up with original ideas but get stumped. I just try to write stories and relatable songs that I have personally experienced. That usually helps me because I want the listeners, my fans, to know that everything I write or say is who I am and what I’ve been through no fakeness about it.

Was there anything you wanted to do differently with “Phoenix” that you didn’t have the chance to do with your past releases?

Phoenix was an idea that I had for a long time, even before I made music. I wanted to create an album that had something for everybody and told a story throughout. My previous bodies of work were just songs that me and my producer/friend Anthony Church put together to give people a look at what we sounded like. Phoenix is actually well put together and thought out and we spent almost two years perfecting the track listing until we knew this was the one.

Describe the meaning behind “En Fuego” what inspired you to write this song?

I adapted more singing and crooning into my music than before. Mostly I would just rap over beats and have a hook either sung by me or a featured artist, like the lovely Bianca Sings. This album I wanted to challenge my writing abilities to make R&B/Soul songs and touch on a much different genre. I didn’t get to do that with the other releases because I was so focused on establishing that I was a rapper, but with Phoenix I wanted to show that I am an artist. En Fuego was a first a beat my uncle Lee Snell sent me for my birthday. I have always enjoyed island/vibey types of music and this beat felt like a summertime song. I wrote this as a guy who is out at the beach trying to impress a girl who has been through stress and pain her whole life and just taking on the world together. Britney Jayy came along at the perfect time because we had sent the song to multiple female vocalist because me and Church had envision a female on the hook. She killed that chorus and added that extra flavor to the song. I knew this was a summer anthem from the get go and that’s what I aimed for it to be

What’s next for you JayTrey?

Hopefully a tour to kick start soon in support of the album. More merch from the label owned by myself and Anthony Church “Proven Knowledge “ to come for our fans. We have a special project that is top secret at the moment but will be announced shortly after Phoenix. And I wanna start collaborating with other artists, whether that be rappers or singers.  The work never stops and I plan to keep it that way

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