Presenting You With A New and Unique Rock Sound, Ole King Cole!

Ole King Cole (also known as OKC) have taken creativity and originality to a whole new level. The band of four members rocks the stage incognito, to keep their personas mysterious for the general public. Not wanting to fit in with society’s expectations, Ole King Cole uses these alter egos to completely free their artistic expression, in the face of judgment and criticism that comes with the public eye. It wasn’t in their best interest to categorize themselves based on recognized genres, so Ole King Cole took it upon themselves to name their own genre, calling it ‘Organic-Clown-Filth-Rock’. Each of these words represents a key aspect of their musicianship. For example, ‘Clown’ refers to their costume makeup, as well as their comic approach to lyrics.

OKC gave us a glimpse of their new track “Love in 2052”, which puts a chaotic twist on a typical rock song. Expressive guitar and percussion are blended with piercing vocals to give a retro sound. After a listen to this song, the ‘Clown’ element to OKC’s genre is obvious from their unconventional lyrics. Ole King Cole takes a different approach to their song-writing to let their creativity shine. With a strict rule that no song-writing session should last more than two hours, each piece created is unique to that session and results from peak concentration. “Love in 2052” is unpredictable and eccentric, leaving the audience waiting to hear what direction they will turn. This is one band you’ll want to watch out for!

Check out “Love in 2052” here.