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Press Your Luck Gives Us “Mementos”

Press Your Luck, the Detroit-based alternative rock band, is set to release its new single and video, "Mementos," on January 27th, 2023. The song is part of their forthcoming EP, 'Painfully Aware,' and is the follow-up to their highly successful single and video "In My Bones," which has amassed over 47k plays on YouTube and 15k on Spotify.

Lead vocalist Ricky Fries explains that "Mementos" was written during a turbulent time, where everything he knew seemed to have been turned upside down. The frustration and uncertainty he felt during this time are evident in the emotional and powerful lyrics of the song. The music was developed while the band was listening to bands like Superheaven, Movements, Balance and Composure, and Anxious, which influenced the moody and heavy feeling of the track.

The song starts with a slow and brooding guitar riff that sets the mood for the rest of the song. The drums and bass build up the tension until the chorus hits. Fries' voice is raw and emotive, perfectly conveying his pain and confusion while writing the song. The lyrics are introspective and deeply personal, making the listener feel like they share Fries' experience.

The chorus of the song is particularly memorable, with Fries singing, sailing across the music with a pure and raw energy that makes you feel like your falling through the sky at full speed, which drives home the feeling of being overwhelmed by memories and possessions that no longer hold the same meaning they once did.

The song's production is top-notch, with the recording done by Dave Miseveth and mixed/mastered by Lance Prenc at Tuxedo Ave Recordings in Roseville, Michigan. The sound is crisp and clear, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the nuances of the music and the emotions behind the lyrics.

"Mementos" is a fantastic addition to Press Your Luck's discography. It shows the band's ability to create emotionally charged and meaningful music that resonates with their listeners. The song is a testament to the band's talent and ability to continue evolving their sound while remaining true to their roots. "Mementos" will surely be a hit with alternative rock fans and anyone who appreciates authentic and genuine music.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Press Your Luck! Kudos to the new release! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind "Mementos" and how it relates to your forthcoming EP, 'Painfully Aware?'

With Momentos, we started on a sound foundation instrumentally, and after listening back to phone recordings of that for a while, the chorus just popped into my head one day. It wasn’t until we were in the studio that I sat down and finalized all the verses, so for that reason, I think it’s a perfect window into my life at the time and where my head was at because most of that song was written off-the-cuff and in the moment, all the way down to the guitar solo. It’s also the second song we wrote together as a group, and hence why it is the second of the three singles from ‘Painfully Aware.’

How did the band's listening habits and influences contribute to creating "Mementos" and its unique sound?

We are a very diverse group of music listeners, so it’s no surprise this one has a bit of a stylistic clash. It’s hard to pinpoint one exact influence or genre that was ultimately responsible for the final version. Still, as a rule of thumb in our band (at least when it’s Jim and I writing together), I’m naturally more poppy or primary key musically, whereas Jim writes more minor key and moodier feeling stuff. That’s just one example of what’s going on behind the scenes, but it’s a good one to show the musical tug-o-war that takes place inside of what we like to call the “boxing ring” that is the studio. Sometimes your idea wins, and sometimes, it doesn’t. The body of work is the ultimate referee, and what it says goes.

Mementos" has a very emotional and reflective tone. Can you discuss how your personal experiences and struggles influenced the lyrics and overall mood of the song?

I’m a pretty introspective person in general, but more so when I’m going through it and when this song was conceived, I struggled mentally and emotionally. Mostly with my own shortcomings and the pitfalls of my personality and how those things led me to the spot I was in. It can be overwhelming when you're down there in those trenches of your psyche, and I think I was finally at that point where I just had to declare, “I’m not okay!” But out of that frustration which is so tangible and you can feel throughout ‘Momentos,’ we managed to capture a very distinct and visceral sound that sticks with you after you listen.

"Mementos" follows up the success of your previous single, "In My Bones." How does this new release build on the momentum and style of your previous work while showing growth and evolution in your sound?

In my opinion, ‘In My Bones’ sets the tone, and ‘Momentos’ builds onto another layer of what you can expect from Press Your Luck. Our general message and ethos may remain consistent as a band, but we never want to deliver it to you in the same packaging every time.

How would you describe "Mementos" to someone who has never heard your music before, and what do you hope listeners will take away from the song?

“Mementos” is undoubtedly the one you want to listen to if you’re feeling down and out and want to be in your “feels” for a minute. Sometimes when you’re low, you almost wish to do something that will put you further into that mood to experience what you’re going through. I could only ask anyone who lends their ears to our music to feel it.

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