Prince Amine Pays Homage to Various Cultures in a New EP, 'Hram Vybez 2.0'

From Morocco to Spain, and now Montreal, Canada, the urban hip-hop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Prince Amine releases a lively and conceptual 8-track EP entitled 'Hram Vybez 2.0.'

Through his diverse and dynamic music, Prince Amine is able to pay homage to his roots and upbringing while allowing the listener to groove away with each release. Recently releasing his 8-track EP, 'Hram Vybez 2.0,' Prince Amine mentioned that each song offers a sensual and sultry take, which emphasizes the project's title that translates to 'sinful vibes.'

Interestingly, Prince Amine offers a nod to four different women and their individual cultures, as four tracks within the EP are voice messages from these women, which introduce 'their' song, where Prince Amine also includes their language or patois. While bringing four different subgenres to the table, we're more than impressed with Prince Amine's ability to merge various styles while paying tribute to the many women and artists who've inspired this conceptual and groovy project.

Jumping into the EP with the intro track, "Abuja," which just so happens to be the capital of Nigeria, we're able to hear a woman's voice message looking forward to Prince Amine spicing up her life again. As we transition into her song, "Choko Skyn," it gets us up and grooving with the lively afrobeat production and Prince Amine's natural confidence and rhythm. Moving into "Kingston," we hear a Jamaican woman explain her interest in reacquainting with Prince Amine, where we move into her song, "Seh." Getting into a dancehall groove, the song offers this mid-tempo and sensual atmosphere while Prince Amine delivers his sweet vocals and livens the experience with incredibly sensual and lustful lyricism.