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Prince Jupiter Brings Back “Feel Good” Music With His Newest Hit “Trampoline”

Prince Jupiter is an artist who creates music for the misfits. His purpose? To encourage everybody to be their authentic selves and embrace their own creativity. Prince Jupiter is the perfect artist to deliver that message with his addicting song “Trampoline”. Ironically, the melodies of Prince Jupiter bounces off the beat fluently just like a human would do on a regular trampoline. Despite, everything in “trampoline” connects together fluently and moves in a legato manner instead of a staccato projection. I loved how Prince Jupiter’s vocals sounded super classic and iconic.

His riffs, runs, and skill was just incredible. My favorite note he hit was when he transported his voice into a killer high note, that sent chills down my spine! Not only did he just showcase the range in his voice, but he also does this in a stylistic way by giving you a riff and a run. “Trampoline” would undeniably be the hit of the summer. Significant amount of flings occurs in the season of  summer due to all the new experiences, adventures, and connections made. We find ourselves not only clubbing and partying, but enjoying the companionship between ourselves and another individual. So who wouldn’t love an enticing record that brings us to that place of love and cherishment? “Trampoline” does that while also giving you trailblazing moments of swag, and lush flare. Prince Jupiter is the voice of today’s generation who can hopefully skyrocket the genre of timeless R&B back into the mainstream vision!

Stream "Trampoline" now on Spotify, and scroll below for our exclusive interview with Prince Jupiter!


Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Mind giving our readers a little introduction to your music?

I pride myself in making something called ice breaking music. It's meant to start conversations wherever you are bringing back memories and feelings, as well as creating new ones in the moment with lyrical and melodic content.

How did you begin your career in music? 

When I was a kid I was in church alot. I found myself a little my sized chair, and sat next to the musicians. I would sing and bring my little toy instruments and pretend I was part of everything. As I got older and discovered the jackson 5, I instantly knew that one day I wanted to be like them. Later I learned of more artist that would  inspire my career such as Tupac and David Bowie. These artist inspired me to create my own songs and that's where I can say my career began.

Tell us about “Trampoline” and the meaning behind it!

Trampoline is a prime example of what ice breaking music is. Everything from the melody, to the lyrics, and even the bodies reaction to the song is metephorical to the title of the song, which focuses on the prime function of what a trampoline is used for and that's bouncing.

What inspired you to write “Trampoline”?

One day I was at a party and a song came on and I noticed that everyone began to move differently. Which made me think, "wouldn't it be cool to make a song where everyone feels the same beat and the crowd bounces up in down in sync". In the creation of this project I thought it would be a cool mix to take hip hop, fuse it with pop, and and a little hint of Neo soul. All while trying to tackle what everyone likes to do at parties, have a good time and mingle. 

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how were you able to overcome these obstacles? 

The biggest challenge for me was accepting who I was as an artist. 

There was a point my career where I really didn't like my sound and I always attempted to sound like the main stream artists that I looked up to. It became so overwhelming and exhausting trying to be someone I wasn't. I remember one day over hearing a group conversation where they were discussing how they felt they weren't good enough for anything. And that shot a lighting bolt of growth in me, because at that moment I realized there are other people who need that motivation to be who they are. With accepting who I was as an artist I began wearing this half mask in the  belief that, when people go out into the world they have to put on this invisible mask to get through the day. The mask I wear is symbolic in the sense that you can break through 

And still be successful with the real you shinning through. 

With the summer approaching, do you have any exciting plans or endeavors you don’t mind sharing with our readers? 

Prince Jupiter - Yes I'm working on a lot of fun projects this summer with cool visuals, so make sure you stay tuned to all my social media so you'll know when the next project drops.


Connect with Prince Jupiter via the artists Instagram!


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