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Prince YG Releases the Sensual Song “All Yours”

All the way from North Carolina, Prince YG released his single titled “All Yours”. “All Yours” was a beautiful song that sets the mood right for you and that special someone. Beginning with the production of the song. The beat was fused with two main genres that caught my attention. Hip-hop mixed with a smooth R&B. this fusion of genres or may we say, “Trap R&B” served as a super dope root for the song. Due to this, Prince YG was able to show us two dimensions of his artistry. His delivery was immaculate. The hook serenaded its listener with beautiful riffs and runs and a gorgeous soulful melody. The verses were delivered with an immaculate flow that gave diversity to Prince YG’s creative musicality. The lyrics to “All Yours” were sexy, smooth, and passionate.

Prince YG confidently sings about romance and the physical chemistry you feel between you and somebody else. Prince YG’s great vocal tone can be credited to his past experience singing in his local church as a growing child. His vocal quality, rap delivery, and all-around presence to “all yours” were fiery, raw and completely bonafide and authentic to him. “All Yours” was a smooth-sailing vibe that can fully capture the moment. You can listen to “All Yours” by Prince YG here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Prince YG! Tell us about your upbringing. How has your experience in singing in churches prepare you for your music today?

My upbringing was difficult growing up after the death of my father Joshua Richardson Sr leaving my mother to raise three kids on her own with me being the only male. I was also raised in the church setting where I began doing music with my cousins, we were called The Chosen Ones, as I got older I branched off and start writing my own music outside of gospel. Singing in churches got me comfortable in performing in front of a large setting, it helped me understand my voice level, it also taught me to do music from the heart which is why I'm so aggressive with my musical approach today.

“All Yours” has a strong lyrical presence. How would you describe the meaning of this song and your songwriting approach?

The Single All Yours is an R&B song with a soft melody it was made to target the old and mature. The meaning of the song was really to show listeners how versatile I can be with my music.

What was the most difficult component to creating “All Yours” for you and how did you overcome the obstacle?

The most different component to creating All Yours was catching the beat tempo and trying not to be explicit but also to where I get my point across to the older listeners.

In what ways were you able to personally relate to your single “All Yours”?

Ways I was personally able to relate to All Yours is sometimes the music can speak for you rather than your partner guessing what is on your mind in this case.

What’s next for you Prince YG?

The next project that I'm working on is my mixtape GAP Good As Promised the release date is TBA.



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