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Princekidd Performs with Wistful Tenors in, "One More Time"

Princekidd hails from Kannapolis, North Carolina as a singer-songwriter who has been creating since the age of 15 years old. Recently exercising his artistic techniques as a rapper, his creativity continues to flourish as he extends his realm of talents to the production side of the industry.

Striving to take his sound to the next level, he uses the love of his family and peers in order to establish a name for himself.

The luscious sounds of Princekidd’s latest single, “One More Time,” have us offering ourselves to his enticing universe. Knowing that music heals the soul, he takes poignant elements and infuses them into his passion-filled timbres that trickle into our hearts and mind. The slow-tempo instrumentation thrives in a tantalizing realm that has us immersed in a reverberated world of Princekidd’s soothing vocalization.

Providing a miscellany of sounds for us to fall back on, the entire composition of “One More Time,” has us fluently captivated by the melismatic hues radiated. Playing upon his multifaceted ways as “One More Time” progresses, Princekidd takes us into an emcee-like verse that flexes his lyrical dexterity as he shares glimmers of his grippingly raw emotion. Cascading with the robust musical components, the harmonious awakening that is served up by Princekidd has us hanging on to every word that he performs.

Navigating through the various emotions that allow him to remain vulnerable with his audience, there is no negating that Princekidd has something special to the way he moves. With creations as such rising to the surface, we’re ready for whatever he brings our way.

Congratulations on the release of “One More Time.” We love the atmosphere that you open our eyes to on this track. What was it like creating a song with this much passion?

This was my first music video so it was very exciting and fun shooting it.

Could you please tell us what “One More Time” means to you? What is the message that you’re translating to your audience on this specific track?

For me, it’s like I want you so much on an emotional level but you don’t feel the same for me. The sex is that good to where I just need it one more time and then ima get out of your way.

As a multifaceted artist, did you handle the production on your own? Was there anyone involved in the creation of brilliant sounds on “One More Time?"

My beat was made by SHAWTY CHRIS BEATS and the video was directed by GRIND IN SILENCE (Dj Cool P) I heard the beat from SoundCloud and was ecstatic with the guitar in the background and I began to sing what came and “One More Time” just kinda took off because that’s how I felt like a few days before writing it.

Since you’ve begun rapping on your tracks, have you noticed that the creative process for writing verses has varied from when you sing?

YES!!!! When I sing I’m inspired by Jhene Aiko. There is a soothing sound with a message behind it along with the emotion. Then with rapping is like the anger side of me and who I can relate to is Eminem.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is to become somebody who can be there for someone in need. Mental illness is real. My music provided me the outlet to express. There will be more projects coming soon.



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