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Prinssella Radiates in Hues of Good Vibrations

Born into a musical family, Prinssella began singing at the tender age of 3-years-old. Being quick to immerse herself in artistic attributes, she developed into writing her own music by 7 and had her first recording session at the age of 9.

The bilingual singer reigns as a soulful and versatile vocalist who comes from a deep gospel background. As an up and coming R&B songstress, Prinssella has worked with the likes of The Voice UK’s Emmanuel Smith as a backing singer and is now working in collaboration with Victizzlemusic as they record her upcoming projects at the VixMix Studios.

Taking us into a side of her that we have yet to see, Prinssella serves up an Amapiano record that kicks the vibration factor up a notch. The nature of “Let My Soul Vibe,” speaks to how Prinssella carries herself as an artist and individual apart from the music.

Honing in on the effervescence that stems from this musical fusion, we get to catch glimmers of the rhythmic R&B and Amapiano foundations as she freely creates in order to express her artistic virtuoso. Known for the angelic timbres that she radiates, we’re hooked on the array of harmonies that spring into the speakers through the vocal layers present.

With our minds keeping the tempo of “Let My Soul Vibe,” it’s hard not to acknowledge the enticing percussion patterns that maintain the bolstered structure that this record rests upon. Appreciating each elevated note that she sheds, the emotion that overflows from Prinssella’s vocal performance has us fluttering through newfound dimensions.

We admire the poetic essence of lyrical motifs such as, ‘I’m ready to go. Just know it’s your heart I’m calling,’ grazing at our thoughts as the ultimate ammunition for any song classified in the genre of R&B is love. Evoking the sentimental feelings that come with an expression of passion, Prinssella has us over the moon with “Let My Soul Vibe.”

Hello Prinssella, welcome back to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Let My Soul Vibe.” It’s so wonderful to hear you branching out into various genres while maintaining your R&B roots. What inspired the unique fusion of musical styles with this track?

Thank you so much, I’m so happy to be able to share this beautiful song with the world, the plan is to always remain within my roots, and explore different sounds and genres whilst doing it. What inspired this record, is the love that we have for South-African Amapiano/House music, the music to come out of there is nothing less than amazing, the harmonies, the melodies, and the vibes are different, we love the feel-good feelings and nostalgia it brings. I and my team were having a writing session one night and, we came across some South-African House beats that just spoke to us, which inspired us to create something special, that still remained within my brand and authenticity.

What is the inspiration behind the concept of the lyrics that we hear? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this single?

Music is a powerful tool and as a lot of us know, music has the power to change your mood, to change the way you feel, it can calm you down, and in other instances can hype you up, with “Let my soul vibe”, we wanted to create a vibe that will pull out memories that you haven’t even experienced yet, or even beautiful memories that you’ve had but forgotten, and basically create a feeling of nostalgia as you connect with the song. “Let My Soul Vibe” is not only a Summery party song, but a song to reflect on and take in, as it can speak to different people in different ways which I love because I want my music to have more than one message for my audience, I want it to relate to everyone in their unique ways, and I hope that will translate to my audience flawlessly.

How does the release of “Let My Soul Vibe,” feel different from that of ‘I’m Learning?'

The release to “I’m Learning” was a very foreign feeling as it was my first ever release so I had no idea what to expect and how everyone will receive me, but that foreign feeling is back again so I guess you don’t exactly get used to this feeling of excitement before the release date, but that’s what I love about it, it feels new every single time so I guess it’s not so different but nonetheless an exciting moment. The only thing that I would say is different, are the seasons of when these two songs are being released because one was in winter and the other is during summer, so the overall vibe is pretty much different in that way.

The last time we spoke, you took us into a detailed list of your musical influences. Now that you’re evolving as an artist with a couple of songs in her music catalog, can you tell us specific non-musical inspirations that speak into your music?

My life experiences are my inspiration, I know that we all go through different things in our lifetime, but what we have in common is that we can all relate in a certain type of way, that we can all empathize or sympathize because if one hasn’t lived it, one can at least understand it to some extent, so putting that in the music would be impactful for many because I want to speak for the silent, and represent those who are looking for a voice to stand for, and represent them. My inspiration is to help people feel heard and understood.

What's next for you?

A whole collection of different projects to grow my catalog, an EP, much more beautiful music and videos for my supporters, amazing collaborations with talented artists, and hopefully I will finally start live stage performances soon!


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