Producer and Rap Artist Releases Exciting, High Energy New Song "Comfort Zone"

Jaws is a producer and rapper who creates music that features psychedelic, cryptic and mysterious lyrics. His music is music like the 1975 film and fuels it with raw, passionate energy. Between 2018 and 2019 Jaws has released 7 singles and continues to work with different artists to create exciting music. Jaws latest release "Comfort Zone" is an exciting, high energy tune that features drifty synths, massive sounding basses, punchy drums, and cleverly effected vocals that transform and evolve throughout the song.

"Comfort Zone" has a few highlights that immediately stick out, the Reese style bass has a very push and pulls feeling in the song that keeps a dynamic movement keeping your attention. The next highlight is the vocals, every section is effected differently which provides an interesting evolution, the vocals transform from being up close and edgy to being softer like they are in space; this provides a wonderful contrast between the sections. Within the production of the song are intricate well-placed flourishes of ear candy, some of these are Blade Runner-like synths, epic-sounding guitar licks, and accenting adlib vocals. "Comfort Zone" is the perfect tune to sit back to and let the music swim over your mind.

Listen to "Comfort Zone" by Jaws here.