Producer Ms Vame Sets Out to Transcend Listeners Experience With "All That Matters"

From Sacramento, California, Ms Vame is the music producer to look out for right now in the music scene! As a mixer, Ms Vame currently operates her own production company in the area she resides in. Artistically, Ms Vame ensures that the sound she synthesizes is of the utmost quality. The productional tracks are full of expressive taste, with some electronic components that make for an otherworldly experience. Her hard work doesn't go unnoticed, especially once she released her 2019 album!

Ms Vame has released an album titled "The Best of Ms Vame, Vol 1", which features 12 production style tracks, filled with the beats created purely by Ms Vame. One track off of the record, "All That Matters", is an incredibly mellow and serene track that starts itself off with a laidback, tranquil melody. Soon, other synths and instrumentals get incorporated into the track that gives it more of a sensual rhythm. There's a sense of determination sprinkled throughout the track, but mostly we felt in a lethargic state when listening along to Ms Vame's collective beats. The melody and tempo remained pretty consistent during "All That Matters", and we caught on to a slight jazz integration within the underlying rhythm. Those jazz components added a sense of modishness to Ms Vame's production style! Altogether, we appreciate the production mannerisms of Ms Vame, and anticipate seeing where her tracks take her in 2020!

You can discover "All That Matters" here.